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QLD 10R Championship - 19th Sep 2015

The Queensland 10R Championship for 2015 has been run and won in a very comprehensive fashion.

It’s a tough day when you have to discard 3 firsts and 1 third placing for your final score, but someone had to do it, so it’s congratulations to Gary Bromley.

The wind started in from the SSE at around 15 km/hr and, although it swung around to the SE and E at times, it never let up all day with some gusts up around the 20-25 mark.

PRO Ian Ashe wasn’t that troubled setting a course, and racing got underway just after 10:00 am.

With the breeze gusting, there were a number of sail changes from A to B and back again, and it was clear it was going to be a day of attrition, and so it was, with 9 starters in the first race reducing to 5 for the last race of the day.

There was a consistency about all the skippers but, try as they might, they couldn’t catch Gary who ruined a perfect record by allowing his two closest rivals, John and Adrian to best him in the 21st race of the day.

The BRYC Eagleby venue provided good water and wind, and all skippers enjoyed the day and sailed with good manners, taking their penalties with good grace, making it enjoyable for the organisers as well.

Thanks to Ian Ashe(PRO), David Black (scoring ), and BRYC members for their assistance on the day.

Ian Smith

Secretary BRYC



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