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N/QLD IOM Championship - 27th Nov 2014

2014 N. Queensland 1 m titles hosted by Mackay model mariners.  26 to September 2014

A small but competitive fleet arrived at the Gooseponds ready for action, the weather was absolutely perfect with plenty of sunshine and a light but steadily increasing south easterly to easterly wind which allowed for a great course to be set and A Rigs to be used.  After the 11 competitors had been measured and briefing completed, racing commenced at 10:30 AM and continued right through till 3:30 PM with 18 races being completed in a single fleet format.  The race committee made sure that there were ample breaks in between races to ensure that everyone was well refreshed and the fact that the club was able to supply home-made pikelets and cupcakes made the day even more enjoyable.

Once a racing got underway it became apparent that any number of the skippers could win the event however it was Tim Arland from Whitsunday that started to stamp his authority until he lost his new fin and bulb when the glue let go.  This did not deter him, as it happened conveniently at lunchtime and after a short diving expedition in which he failed to find it, the replacement old fin and bulb was used and he was able to continue racing for the rest of the day.  Aaron Farrar from Gladstone started to get used to the pond sailing and was putting together of number of good scores as well as Chayne Timmerman’s from the Whitsunday club who was finding his straps.  Mackay skippers started to utilise their local knowledge and were also vying for the title with some consistent sailing.

Overall the racing was extremely close and competitive with all incidents being resolved on the spot, and getting a good start being the secret to getting a good position at the finish. The main area of discussion was the chestnut of when is an  overlap established and buoy room at the marks.
It was great to see some of the skippers returning to the sport after a long absence (welcome back Greg Hammon & Jim Finch)and it took a while for them to adjust to the distance factor, but in the end they found that there has been a large improvement in the One Metre class and the skippers who sail regularly having consistently fast boats.  This regatta was one of the best as there was plenty of banter and fun as well  as being serious competition.

Well after 18 races, it was time to halt the proceedings and after the scores were calculated, the top 2 places had to be separated by a double count back, yes, we had to go the number of 2nd places to decide the winner, who was Col Cameron from Mackay, followed very closely by Tim Arland, with Aaron from Gladstone getting third, Chayne from Whitsunday was a close Fourth, with James Finch in 5th Place.  The rest of the skippers had a great time and showed that they are just as competitive, just need a bit more coaching on their starts. The Interclub competition between Mackay & Whitsunday was won by Mackay upon calculation of the winning results of the top 3 skippers from each club.

A special thank you to  Michael & Peter Barfield, who made the day, by doing the scoring, race organising and observing, even though they only do RC aircraft now, they still found the time to support their old club and a special thank you to Ross’s Mother for the yummy pikelets and cupcakes.

We now look forward to next time we meet again, fair sailing to all.


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