Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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QLD 10R Championship - 21st September

The day started with great support and enthusiasm, fine weather and a lovely filling S'Easter. Those volunteers from PRYC deserve special thanks for their efforts.

Unfortunately by the time the first gun went there were only 9 starters including 2 dual rated Marbleheads and a single fleet was the order of the day.

The Pro advised that a benevolent attitude to tuning adjustments and repairs would prevail, but with rig changes requested after the 1st race and  taking up to half an hour, it was decided to push the racing along and try to achieve a 16 race event to provide 3 discards.

From the first race it was apparent that Time Brown and  his "Starkers 3" Marblehead was going to be hard to beat , with Mark Harris and his Vibe Marblead also a contender whilst John Musgrave [Walicki 10R]  and Adrian Banwell [JAB]  likely to make a showing with their 10 raters.

Lunch was called after 8 races with the above mentioned four sailors leading the fleet. With the resumption of sailing came the freshening wind and the rest of the event being sailed in a real "hooter" of a s/easter providing good spectacle, causing much mayhem, some carnage and retirements with plenty of calls for time please for lots of "just need to fix ...."

Despite plenty of incidents there were no protests lodged, some requests for redress and average points  granted, and the event was generally sailed and concluded in good spirits .

David Black and his scoring machine kept the PRO well briefed on the position and after 14 races,  2nd, 3rd and 4th were within 4 points of each other and after 15 races 2nd and 3rd were equal.

By days end just short of 3 pm, and after 16 races,  Tim Brown had emerged as the easy winner on 16 points, from Mark Harris on 33 and John Musgrave 35.

............Allan Walker, PRO.


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