Tuesday, July 17, 2018
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Queensland EC12 Championship - 6th July 2014

Brisk would be the best way to describe the weather. Sunny with a winter westerly gusting up to around 20 kph.

6 skippers lined up for the event which got under way around 10 am under the guidance of PRO Jeff Bryerley. This will likely be Jeff’s final stint as PRO as he is moving to Tasmania – seems he likes the cooler weather. The BRYC would like to thank Jeff for his contribution and wish him well.

“B” Rigs were in fashion, and if some of us had had “C” rigs we would have sorely tempted. An EC12 running down the breeze is quite a handful.

At times there was close racing, but at other times the fleet was strung out like Brown’s cows as, in the conditions, any sort of error was usually quite costly. In spite of that the day was most enjoyable with all skippers accepting penalties with good grace and humour.

Unfortunately, David Hill had to retire at lunch time due to ill health, and that is why you will see no photos of David’s yacht as the “official” photographer didn’t show up until the afternoon. Hope you are on the mend, David.

A good day was had by all and, by mutual agreement, we finished up just on 3:00 pm. We had sailed 20 races and it meant we could pack up and get home by dark.

Ian Smith

Sectretary BRYC


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