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N/QLD RM Championship - 7th June 2014


Saturday the 7th June, saw the Townsville Model Marine Club host the 2014 NQ RM Championships at their venue. With only eight skippers turning up, it was decided that racing would commence at 10:30 AM and finish on the same day at 4 PM with a lunch break at around 12:30 PM

After the skippers briefing, the course was set in a very light and fluky breeze that was coming from the south, which was unusual for this time of year as Townsville club had been experiencing strong winds right up until Friday the day before the event. After setting a course the racing got underway with Colin and Tim electing to use their B rig’s while everyone else went for their A rig, as these pair had decided that the breeze would kick in very shortly.  After about four races they decided that the breeze will not change all day and so with the mad scurry they elected to change to their A rigs, much to the disappointment of the other skippers as they were winning and now they realised that Colin and Tim were now serious competitors.

The racing was competitive and close as the breeze settled in to be around 5 knots and everyone became used to the wind shifts and were able to utilise them to their best advantage.  All the skippers showed excellent sportsmanship and helped each other to improve their boats to be more competitive and a lot of friendly banter was had between them all so that the day became very enjoyable and the racing was excellent.  However after 17 races the race committee said enough’s enough, and closed the event as some people had a long way to drive.

The Townsville club presented the winner with a trophy and the results showed that Tim Arland was the new 2014 N. Queensland RM champion by one point from the reigning champion Colin Cameron,  Ross Anderson from the Mackay club was third followed by his son Dean, then came Alan, Bob, Rod and Garth.  It was a pity that we had so few skippers however everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and all are looking forward to the next time that we meet.  The winning club for the annual tri-series event went to the Mackay club for this year.


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