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QLD Multi-Hull Titles - 4th November 2013

A beautiful day for the titles. 9 boats nominated from the Sunshine Coast, and Brisbane and environs, but, unfortunately, a boat had terminal gear problems before the start and he couldn’t race.

4 new club memberships on the day – Darryn Bell, Rob Clark,  Bruce Legg, and the club’s first lady member, Jan Manning, partner of Rob.

The day began with a flukey  breeze, very light North to North-easter. It improved by about 11am so racing was started.

The first few races proceed without too much incident, except for one member retrieving his boat to find it was minus a cross-beam after a bingle. The beam couldn’t be found, so he was a spectator for the rest of the day. (He declared it was one of the best days racing he’s had – no stress.) The wind began to strengthen, and gear failure set in, with a number of withdrawals, so lunch was called after 6 races – a very nice BBQ.

With the increase in the N-N.E. breeze, S.E. Queensland’s  fresh water lake nemesis struck – the dreaded water weed, drifting down from the top of Lake Kurongbah. There’s also a healthy bank of weed starting to grow at the sailing end of the lake, to add to our woes.

After lunch racing re-commenced in a stiffening breeze. A number of withdrawals occurred with gear failures.

After many problems caused by weed entangling the rudders, the rescue boat was sent out to patrol the course, clearing the weed as it arrived, freeing the boats, and generally directing the traffic away from potential disasters.

Racing was called off after 11 races, and a very clear winner was declared.

Graham Bull had managed to steer clear of most of the problems, and with masterly sailing collected quite a few first places. He collected the Titles shield, with Ken Smith , second, and Ray Smith, third.

Graham also won the club championship trophy – Well done, Graham!

The Club’s Christmas break-up will be held at Lake Kurongbah on Sunday, December 1, (BYO), and the Springfield Lakes break-up will be on Tuesday, December 3.





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