Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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Brisbane IOM Challenge 2013

Day One of the 2013 Brisbane IOM Challenge being held at Carbrook this weekend was proving to be a ‘challenge’ in more ways than one this year! I arrived at the River Sands site soon after lunch where there had only been four heats completed due to the shortage of wind

and it was also obvious that showers had also passed over the venue as it was soggy under foot.

Two more A and B fleets were sailed and despite the assurances that my presence had also apparently ‘brought the breeze’, sailing was slow and by mid afternoon it was decided to combine both fleets into one flotilla. With the increased number of boats on the water also came the amplified number of mistakes with busier start lines and buoy rounding’s as at least two race starts were recalled and crowding at the top marks had one incident go to protest and in a separate event two other boats became hooked for a short time. Although the protest itself was orderly and quickly resolved, none of the skippers were disheartened by the off-the-water down time as the protest fittingly coincided with an even further lull in the elusive breeze.

Earlier Allan BRYANT (#42) had had transmitter problems and the repair had necessitated the reversal of the transmitter stick and spring tension which was leaving Allan more fingers-than-thumbs as he was coming to terms with the opposite direction of the controls. Our ARYA President Lindsay WALKER (#2) sat out a couple of the heats and the ship Hakuna Matata (#12) owned by Maurice GRISMAN was also eventually sidelined and de-rigged... “Hakuna Matata” is a Swahili phrase that can be translated literally as "There are no worries."

It is also good to see our shipmate Bill CLANCY (#0) back on the water sailing in an event as Bill is usually shore-bound as the PRO for major events as his skills are highly respected in this field; Bill also appears to be in serious contention to place well in this event as the overriding competition appears to be between Bill and current IOM National Champion Michael GRIEVE (#10) for top honours.

As always we are extremely grateful for the dedication of David BLACK and Ann WALKER in scoring the event, Ian ASHE as PRO and Val BLACK for running the kitchen. Final results tomorrow...

Day Two of the 2013 Brisbane IOM Challenge saw more action both on and off the water than the previous day. Despite obvious heavy rain during the night and being sodden underfoot the wind conditions had at least improved to enable more heats to be completed. Earlier in the day two protests had also been heard. As I arrived, father and son team John and Grant HUDSON were retiring from the regatta as heat 23 was crossing the finish line. Race 24 was run-and-won without any incidents while the start of heat 25 necessitated a restart, after which as the fleet rounded the first buoy, the disparity between the fleet leaders and trailing boats was markedly obvious as the fleet was clearly strewn over the length of the entire field.

The penultimate and what would be the last race of the day had Tony GREY leading both heats, challenging Michael GRIEVE and Matt CHEW respectively in two very good races, Tony narrowly missing out on both heat wins to settle for impressive second placings.

With struggling wind conditions again returning to the site, the fleet was called off the water as time, environment and course conditions were contemplated... the fleet was called back to the water and heat 26 was started, but as no tacking was apparent on the run into the first mark the race was abandoned and this also concluded any further sailing.

Congratulations to overall winners Michael GRIEVE, Matt CHEW and Tim BROWN; as can be seen from the final points table, Michael placed in 18 of the 25 heats completed, eleven of which were actual race wins.

As always we are extremely grateful for the dedication of David BLACK and Ann WALKER in scoring the event, Ian ASHE as PRO and Val BLACK for running the kitchen and the many members whom go unnamed to make these events possible.


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