Monday, January 22, 2018
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After many years this site will be used as a portal only.

I have moved many of the features that this site has provided to the new site including notice of races, Skipper lists, entry forms and of course results for Queensland Events, interclub challenges and Queensland RSS club feeds. We have also added a dedicated QRYA YouTube channel which will have all the latest video clips thanks to Ian Lobley's handy video work.

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Eddie Cowell



WMRMYC Inc ANZAC CHALLENGE - 25th April 2017

It was a truly testing inaugural Anzac Day Challenge held at the waterfront at Manly Harbour.

The low tide made for a difficult transition to the launching area with a steep decent and over rocks and mud.  There was however a slight breeze from the north east that while far from consistent was sufficient to complete the mission.

An initial fleet of 10 boats lined up for the first assault with our intrepid Flag Officer Warton leading the charge resulting in an ominous victory. Soon after however backup had arrived in the form of the imposing Torpy division who surveyed the lay of the land before taking their turn at point.  Private Torpy with a brand new arsenal was routinely mentioned in dispatches during the course of events while the highly decorated Major Torpy took charge and ultimately received commendation for his efforts.

Early on the most notable event was the valiant commitment by Captain Grey who sacrificed his well established position at the top of the hill to fetch refreshments for the struggling troops. He has since been put forward for the commission of Supply Officer. His intense training regime had seemingly had some effect and his surprise departure from the frontline left his opponents guessing. As the battle raged on the stalwarts continued on with squadron leader Kampe leading by example. Equally, Commander Cowell proved his worth with impressive consistency.  Ground could be made on either flank however equally all could be lost in the blink of an eye. There were many opportunities to overtake and some equally frustrating bunching as the fleet returned to the fray that started at the leeward mark. Private Smit in his first tour soldiered on to finish in good shape and will in no time be inline for promotion. Sadly there were a few casualties as the fleet lost several boats to the conditions. Rear gunner Purshiemo made his presence felt early until he succumbed to the sparse terrain and join Atkinson, Smith, Patterson and Warton in the R and R room where newly promoted Culinary Specialist Warton had prepared a deserved meal for the returning troops. The attrition rate had halved the numbers for the final sortie and after a closely fought contest a declaration was made. Field Marshal McLachlan had kept comprehensive records and the final score was revealed. Special mentioned must be made of the behind the scenes services of Major Mathers.   

The gathering celebrated a spectacular afternoon made possible by those who have served in true combat for our Country.

We will remember them

Lest We Forget


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