Monday, January 22, 2018
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After many years this site will be used as a portal only.

I have moved many of the features that this site has provided to the new site including notice of races, Skipper lists, entry forms and of course results for Queensland Events, interclub challenges and Queensland RSS club feeds. We have also added a dedicated QRYA YouTube channel which will have all the latest video clips thanks to Ian Lobley's handy video work.

Club results can now be found at their respective club website found here -> SITES.

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Thank you for your support over the years, see you at the new site :)

Eddie Cowell



WMRMYC Inc Summer Handicap Series RD 6, Manly Marina - 9th April 2017

The last handicapped racing day for the season was held down in manly harbour. The weather was perfect for sailing with the winds coming down the main channel allowing an even upwind leg.

Having owned a IOM for just over a week I was able to learn quick and take advantage of a good handicap and take the win. After handicaps had evened up towards the end of the day the last few races were all close the overall scores reflected this. Look forwards to the winter series for more close days to come.

Alex Malberg

Just 8 Skippers arrived for Sunday's handicap racing, this could be partly due to the back to back weekends as we will not be sailing next weekend due to Easter.

It was a perfect day for sailing with constant 5 knot breeze. With handicaps set for the first race ranging from 0 to 60 seconds sailing got away on time.

John Gower got off to a great start winning the first race - herecomes another 10 seconds added to his handicap, now set at +60sec.

Newcomer Alex sailing a TNT had 3 straight wins in races 2 3 and 4, we're going to have to adjust his handicap from 0 secs for the following month as his worst placing was 7th. This gave him a grand total at the end of the day of just 14 comfortably winning the day.

As always Tony was fast and hot on his tail, he had impressive results considering he has a 60 seconds handicap to make up before the race even starts. He managed a couple of 2nd placings  and 2 wins.

John sailing a V5 sailed consistently all day only dropping out of the top 5 twice. He finished equal second with Tony in the final results. Not bad for 20 year old boat and a starting handicap time of +40 seconds at the start of the day

A pleasant day was had by all and to top it off we had a BBQ to finish the day.

Congratulations to the placegetters and thanks to Bruce Mathers for scoring and taking photos.



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