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WMRMYC Inc Clive Brooks Trophy, Manly Harbour - 10th April 2016

What a perfect day to have the Clive Brooks Trophy for 2016. The weather was kind to us with beautiful sunshine and 5 knot winds. It was A rig all day with no sight of increasing winds. So we all had I bite to eat over lunch and then we were back in to it with scratch racing.

The fleet at Manly has really stepped up in the last few months, with the boats designs so close and skippers really understanding how to tune the rigs. This has only been my second weekend sailing the DMX2 with a big thanks to Steve Zaphir for the loan of the boat that is very nice boat to sail.

Mike and Tony really pushed me all the way for 8 races and both are sailing very well in shifty conditions, i recall Mike and myself being half a boat length from each other the hole race. Everyone did their penalties asap.

Big thanks goes to Dennis and Scott for running the day….

Garth #63

 WMRMYC Inc Clive Brooks Handicap – April 2016
The day started with a light consistent breeze which evolved into fluky as the day progressed. The committee set a windward leeward course with a clearing mark, which proved valuable.

8 races provided an interesting result with equal 5ths by Andrew and Allan and 7ths by Denise and Tony. Mike and Garth displayed  their skills again with any vessel available to them.

John narrowly missed out on 1st due to an incident which lost him 1 score point to take 2nd.

Special Thank to Bruce and to Scott as PRO for all races.

Regards to all

Steve #24


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