Thursday, July 19, 2018
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Tuesday Morning Sailing at the Wynnum Wading Pool (2)

It has been a couple of years since we have attended the regular Tuesday Morning Sailing at the Wynnum Wading Pool and the refurbishment of the pool and parkland (as completed some time ago now) was great to see.

The sloping top level has gone, the narrow steps too. Seating along the top ledge makes things a little more comfortable during sailing.  Eight members attended the day, including two new members Ray and James, welcome to the club men. Skies and temps were perfect and there was a gentle and welcome breeze coming in off the Sea.

Tuesday morning sailing is an informal Social Club day, designed to allow new members and beginners to learn in a relaxing environment.  It also allows regular skippers the opportunity of ‘scratch’ racing without the aspect of competition and occasional ‘match’ racing around the buoys, apart from the fleet.

During the break, the regular bi-monthly Committee Meeting was held, with all those sailing present, we also had long time club member Clive Brooks join us for the formalities – it was especially great to see Clive on the foreshore again as he has been absent with wellness issues recently.  The meeting was conducted under one of the purpose built public gazebos as the boats were resting in the welcoming shade of the tree and grassed area.  The other Brisbane City Council amenities at this location also include Barbecues (electric), car parking, pathway network, picnic area/shelter, water (drinking fountain/dog drinking bowl), wheelchair access and child Playground.  At the close of the meeting, several skippers continued to sail for a few more races.

As summers approaches, and as too with the inevitable warmer days, we will soon give the Wading Pool back to the summer crowds for the season and will move our Tuesday summer sailing back to the Manly Marina, but no matter the location (Wynnum or Manly), we encourage all members to take part in the simplicity and friendliness of Tuesday sailing without the demands of regular Points Racing.

N.B. Members will be advised as to when the Pool will be closed to us for the summer. 



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