WMRMYC Inc. Winter Scratch Series Round 5 - 6th September 2015

Conditions looked promising when we arrived at the lake as a cool, brisk breeze was coming in from the West. As the day progressed, Carbrook lived up to its reputation; the breeze varied either side of West and changed to variable light conditions.

But with multiple start lines and windward marks set, changes during the day were easily accommodated. Bruce acted as race recorder [and photographer] and courses were reset as and when the wind direction changed. Our day clashed with Father’s Day so numbers were down and only seven die-hard skippers fronted.

Comparative new comer to our club, Jim showed his sailing skills with major placings in the early races. His newly painted red boat looks really smart. At some stage, we all hope that our poor performance in a race is due to weed on the keel but are mostly disappointed to find it clean. Ken claimed this for one race. Alan seemed to have one of those frustrating days [which we all have at times] where he was often in the wrong place at the wrong time or took the wrong options and missed the breeze shifts. Scott as usual sailed consistently well. He shows his skill with good starts and is then very difficult to catch. It was good to have Graham sailing with us.  He has a high performance boat which, when he comes to terms with it, will certainly take some beating.

Because of the failing wind and being Fathers day, it was decided to stop sailing early after only eight races.