Thursday, July 19, 2018
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WMRMYC Inc Clive Brooks Handicap Trophy 2015, Manly - 22nd March

Due to unfortunate weather conditions, only the Handicap races were sailed in the Clive Brooks Trophies event.  The Scratch racing will be rescheduled for a date and location yet to be decided. 

Thank you to all members who attended the Handicap racing and special thanks to Emma ZAPHIR for providing homemade cookies.  Congratulations to the Handicap event winners and hopefully the wind will return for the Clive Brooks Scratch racing at a later date!

The Event   (Clive Brooks Trophy)

Rain drops pattering from dawning sky, brought a sailor’s frown
with chattels packed, batteries charged, onward there to Manly Town,
grey sky welcome, tho’ rain at bay, the God of Wind gave promise
whistle gone and one race down, the gift was taken, from us,

As sailors do on the open sea, we heaved and hoed, ever horizon searching
for any sign of godly spawn, from whence the lookouts were perching,
Thunder rumbled, and rain fell down, dark clouds raised looming towers
The wind returned with vengeance,  morphing craft from rafts to ploughers

With Huff and puff, the wind did blow, eight sailors ‘plied their trade
but three hours down and eight races in,  again, the wind did fade
skippers, Forster, Zaphir and Milne,  finally, achieved something on the day
first, second and third places filled and with prizes sailed away.

One Race we tried from Scratch, in the tired and listless breeze,
‘til not a thing did move, in air, on boat, or trees
unanimously it was decided, right there, right then
Scratch would, on another day, be sailed again!

Ian Forster


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