Thursday, July 19, 2018
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WMRMYC Inc Summer Handicap Series RD 1, Manly - 16th November 2014

A good hot weekend with temps today reaching around 36 degree C, what better to do than go sailing.

The winds at Manly were from the NNW ranging from 12.8 knots to 14 with a few moderate gusts thrown in to the mix. We sailed a triangle and a sausage with the up and down leg being parallel to the shore line making for some close tacking to prevent running aground which unfortunately happened to a few during the day, however coming across on port meant for a challenge and a judgment call with those bearing down on starboard.

Taking the honors today came as a surprise as with the handicap racing there was some close racing and a degree of hunting and it was fun to be up against some tough competition. Tony GREY is the one as always to put up a good fight and congratulations to Tony for taking a deserved second place with Lachlan CALLENDAR taking third place showing by his results a very consistent challenge , he only realized his placing as he drove by and given three fingers.

John McLACHLAN sailed well and John and I enjoyed our close dashes to the line with not even a boat length but centimeters being the difference. John DOUSI made a comeback after lunch following a tweak or two of his sails.

The day went well with few penalties and those taken were without fuss, all in all another great days sailing with a bunch of great blokes and the classics like Jack FORD.



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