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WMRMYC Inc Summer Scratch Series RD 3 , Carbrook - 5th January 2014

Race report - 5th January 2014 - Nine skippers attended the first race of the New Year, which turned out to be a very enjoyable day sailing despite the hot sticky conditions we all had to contend with.
The temperature rose to the mid 30's and very humid. The wind was light to moderate and very shifty and changing in velocity all day, which made it tricky choosing which side of the course to take. Sometimes the left side of the course paid off on 1 of the beats and the next time the right side paid off.

Due to the wind direction, it was a reach to the first mark and all skippers had their moment of getting the start right and leading into their 1st mark. It was good to see Andrea with her TS2 doing well and leading a few races to the 1st windward mark. Allan Bryant had a good day and sailed a couple of great races and lead race 7 all the way to take the gun, well done.

It was good to see Bradley back sailing after a break and back at the front of the fleet straight away. The top 3 places were closely contested and the shifty conditions took their toll at times coming up to the finish. Peter was coming to grips with his new boat and was hard to beat all day.

I was very pleased with how my new V8 performed, today being its 1st day scratch racing and taking me over 12 months to build.

All in all it was a great way to start the New Year.
Happy New Year
Tony Grey


RACE REPORT –  Still very hot today at the Carbrook venue (although not as bad as the 40°+ which hit around the State yesterday!) but it was good to see nine members brave the summer heat to participate in the first club points sailing event for 2014.
I arrived at the venue just as the break was being called and it was straight away apparent that the wind was fickle as the Standards on the Flagpole constantly alternated between fluttering in a small breeze to wilting motionless – and not from the heat either!  Andrea PANNELL commented that she had unfortunately had sail issues earlier in the morning and also mentioned the impressive speed of Tony GREY’s new boat.  Due to the conditions, the rest period was brief but relevant and as soon as Commodore John McLACHLAN had brought the points table up-to-date, the fleet quickly returned to the water.
It immediately became apparent that Andrea was well justified in her observations as Tony’s boat took some impressive leads at times, which is also evident by the final points with Tony winning the day.  Nevertheless and not to detract from Bradley GINNIVAN and Peter KAMPE who also sailed well to place second and third respectively.
Despite the heat, sweat and wind frustrations, all skippers managed the day admirably, no issues went to protest and everyone was more than accommodating to complete any handicap imposed for infringement of the rules. Special encouragement must also go to one of our newer members; despite displaying prowess on previous sail days, Steve ZAPHIR hit some unfortunate situations which included battery/transmitter &/or receiver issues in the final races, other setbacks also being the wind and heat which had Steve struggle at the back of the fleet at times.  Hopefully Steve will have whatever electrical issues sorted out soon and with more favourable winds he will be making steady progress once again.
As always, our sincerest thanks and appreciation goes to John for setting the venue and scoring the event and all members for packing the site.  Hopefully the cooler conditions in coming months will see more members taking part in the scratch sailing at Carbrook.  Scoring was shared amongst the skippers on a first across the line basis while I scored a couple of the last heats, congratulations to everyone who participated today. BM 


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