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WMRMYC Inc Winter Handicap Series RD 4, Manly - 18th August 2013

RACE REPORT : Thirteen skippers arrived at the marina to take part in Round 4 of the Winter Handicap Series and what a magnificent day it was to be outside for all creatures great and small – even the birds!  The tide was on its way out and there was a good wind for the start of racing, with both the course and handicap times set the fleet got going, early leaders were Tony BENNETT, Mike FREEBAIRN and David MOORE.  Bradley GINNIVAN joined the racing in heat four to bring the skipper numbers up to fourteen and then retired for the last two heats.  One multiple contact happened on the water but the fracas was quickly resolved, sailing was very well maintained with no matters going to protest with only minor infringements impacting the fleet and usually at congested buoy rounding.  Commodore John McLACHLAN did at one point bring his boat ashore with the rescue dinghy after a contact caused a sheeting foul, but the boat was immediately re-launched.  Both Peter KAMPE and Eddie COWELL missed important finishes to penalize themselves in individual heats by sailing extended courses and missed the finish line at the designated time.

Overall leader of the day was Mike with consistent sailing, but not to lessen Mike’s victory, the day was owned by our resourceful member Jack FORD with three impressive heat wins when sailing continued after the break.  This was a particularly good effort especially as the wind was becoming more elusive as the day progressed – in fact both wind and time became such a problem that the final race of the day was not sailed.

With such a nice day, the spectator numbers were also large with so many people visiting the markets or just simply enjoying the outdoors and some of the fish-‘n’-chips being had by picnickers looked very enticing!

As always, our sincerest thanks are extended to John for tabulating the day’s results, Dennis PATTERSON for assisting throughout the day and for taking additional photos (thank you again Dennis as these photos are extremely important) and to the members that tidy the venue.  Sorry if I have missed any other important details of the day. BM




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