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Clive Brooks Scratch and Handicap trophy - 30th June 2013

RACE REPORT:  The Clive Brooks Scratch and Handicap trophy events were held at the Manly Marina on Sunday 30thJune 2013. 

I arrived mid morning with the medallions and the handicap fleet was obviously already on the water, although Peter KAMPE had his boat onshore at this time with transmitter issues.  As to be expected this time of the year, the day was a typical wet and cold winter’s day with most skippers in their winter jackets and rain gear.  Although the rain wasn’t too heavy and the breeze was reliable enough to keep the fleet moving, starts were slow but running back up through the start line to the port buoy  were brisk at times, although the tide was on its way out and Allan BRYANT struck mud a couple of times as did John once.  Bradley GINNIVAN and Grant HUDSON joined the handicap racing mid series to contest the scratch racing. With encouraging handicaps, David MOORE and Bernie GOOGAN lead throughout most of the heats observed, especially heading into the port mark, but once around this marker, wind and therefore tactics needed to change which allowed the ensuing fleet to close in on the leaders and by the up-wind rounding, the fleet sometimes became bunched and contact were called.  Dennis PATTERSON maintained a well run event and also ensured the handicap times were adjusted accordingly, Dennis and his PRO skills are well respected amongst our members and everything ran smoothly and peacefully.  

I did not stay for the scratch racing.

Congratulations to the overall winners and sincerest thanks to Dennis as PRO and as always, John for completing the scores.




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