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WMRMYC Inc Winter Handicap Series RD1, Manly - 19th May 2013

RACE REPORT: Today, Sunday 19thMay 2013 was the Club’s Annual General Meeting which was held on the Manly foreshore prior to the commencement of sailing. 

 The meeting was reasonably attended by members but as with all associations, it would be good to see more faces at such important events!  Nevertheless, our quorum was attained and the formalities proceeded smoothly with the highlight of the AGM being the annual presentation of the Commodores Cup and the Summer Points Series Trophies which are also presented at this time.  Congratulations to John McLACHLAN for winning the Commodores Cup for a second time, with Andrew MILNE & Allan BRYANT second and third respectively.  Overall 2012-2013 Summer points series winners are Scratch; Tony GREY, Bradley GINNIVAN and John McLACHLAN . Handicap; John McLACHLAN, Andrew MILNE and Bernie CORNISH - Congratulations and well done to all participants.

Sailing commenced with eleven skippers present, unfortunately Bernie COOGAN was an early departure from the event.  Tony GREY also withdrew from the first heat of the day with rudder programming issues, meanwhile early leaders were John HOLLAND, Al HARRISON and Andrew.  After consulting the manual, Tony was now ready for the second race... unfortunately John McLACHLAN and Andrea PENNELL tangled in this race with John’s sails suffering significant damage whereby John resorted to his smaller B rig and continued sailing for the day. Andrea, obviously concerned by the turn of events was reassured by John and she too also resumed sailing.  Again Andrew and John HOLLAND finished well in this race and Bradley surfaced as a viable contender. However by the sixth heat Brad and Al had to leave racing due to work commitments, Tony with a borrowed rudder from Brad was also sidelined at this time, but Tony graciously stayed to officiate for the remaining four heats.

With the tide ebbing an eventual wind shadow was being cast over the sea wall and the resulting dead zone had some skippers rapidly lose pace, but John McLACHLAN made good use of these situations and sailing in his smaller rig was able to breach the dead zone further out on the course and come home mid-fleet.

It was certainly a beautiful day, as always the breeze had its good and bad moments andthere's more of a nip in the air as winter approaches.  Congratulations to David MOORE for winning the day, Andrew and John HOLLAND placed equal second and Andrea took home third place.  I must also applaud John McLACHLAN for persevering in B rig after the earlier mishap as this was a valiant attempt with an additional handicap as a result of just one-of-those-things that can happen to any one of us on the water.  BM


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