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WMRMYC Inc Summer Scratch Series RD6, Carbrook - 7th April 2013

RACE REPORT – Thirteen skippers attended the scratch sailing at Carbrook on Sunday 7thApril 2013 for the sixth and final round of the Summer Scratch Points Series.

The weather forecast was for a few showers and 25˚, but it didn’t rain and it certainly felt a lot hotter than the prediction out in the sun, and the start of sailing was also delayed by about 30 minutes as there was no wind! Eventually with signs of some wind activity over the water and flagpole, the fleet was called to commence sailing in the first heat of the day, unfortunately early casualties were Ian ASHE, John HOLLAND, Tom PURSIHEIMO and Eddie COWELL, I can report Eddie had sheeting problems when the winch unspooled (sincerest thanks to Brad and Tony for helping to get the boat back on the water for the second race) – but sorry, I can’t report the issues the other skippers encountered in this first race which had them also achieve maximum points, although whatever the cause, Ian was out of sailing for the rest of the day at this point.

Wind conditions hardly improved throughout the morning and on occasion the sailing was painful to watch as frequent shifts, lulls and shadows over the water left most of the skippers in a quandary as to what tackand bottom gate bouy to take next... in fact the split-tack on the starboard side of the course literally meant skippers made either a winning or losing choice on the run home for the finish line as that was how narrow and hard some of the wind aspect were to catch.

Bradley GINNIVAN certainly made some impressive starts, as did John McLACHLAN and Eddie as each skipper achieved some commanding leads over the rest of the fleet at times, but again John and Eddie especially fell victims to the crazy wind patterns to lose pace and fall back into the fleet. Nevertheless, Scott especially sailed with great skill today as he was sleek, silent and deadly on the water as he gained seven from eight podium placings as his sailing went practically unnoticed (Scott is a quiet man and even more so in his victories). Brad also achieved the same seven from eight podium placings and the feel amongst the skippers was that Brad would win the day, but Scott was the overall winner with a-point-and-a-bit making the difference.

With time, wind, heat and midges all causing problems, sailing was concluded at the end of the eighth race. Congratulations to Scott WARTON, Bradley GINNIVAN and Tony GREY for winning the day and we also thank John for his dedication to tabulating the points for ribbon presentations.



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