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WMRMYC Inc Winter Scratch Series RD 1, Manly Marina - 7th May 2017

Race Report – Nine skippers attended the scratch sailing at Manly on Sunday 7th May 2017 for RD 1 of the Winter Scratch Points Series.

Sun was shining, light to medium shifty winds starting out of the south east, slowly shifting to the east by mid-morning with the tide running out.

John Gower sailed better than he thought, well done and Andrew had good boat speed with a couple of good wins. Everyone else had their moments.

If you have a look at the results, it shows the racing was close all day.

Thanks to Bruce for keeping track of the scores.



WMRMYC Inc Summer Scratch Series RD 6, Manly Marina - 2nd April 2017

With a reasonably steady southerly breeze and incoming tide we sailed a windward return course.

WMRMYC Inc Summer Handicap Series RD 5, Manly Marina - 19th March 2017

WMRMYC Inc Summer Scratch Series RD 5, Manly Marina - 5th March 2017

10 skippers attended the scratch sailing at Manly on Sunday 5 th March 2017 for RD 5 of the Summer Scratch Points Series. With light shifty winds a course was set and racing got underway on time.

WMRMYC Inc Summer Handicap Series RD 4, Manly Harbour - 19th February 2017

The Morning kicked off with a small delay when a keen eyed member of the paparazzi spotted local Celebrity and Skipper young Jack Ford, who obliged with a brief interview and a few photos...

WMRMYC Inc Summer Scratch Series RD 4, Carbrook - 5th February 2017

It is appropriate to thank John McLachlan firstly for his commitment to the sport for taking on the Pro and scoring on what was forecast to be a hot day.

WMRMYC Inc Extra Scratch Races January 2017, Manly Marina - 29th January 2017

With 5 Sunday's this month 12 Skippers spent a sunny Sunday morning scratch racing  at the Manly Harbour. As a result show it was very close between the top 3 with only 6 points separating them.

Congratulations Tony Grey, John Gower and Dale Smith.

WMRMYC Inc Summer Handicap Series RD 3, Manly Harbour - 15th January 2017

A not so promising day may have concerned a few skippers however those who turned up enjoyed some great racing that got better as the day went on.  A perfect high tide and a Northerly wind persevered for the entire morning and the PRO set an appropriate course of triangle and two windward leewards.

WMRMYC Inc Summer Scratch Series RD 3, Manly Marina - 8th January 2017

If the first official scratch day for 2017 is anything to go by we at the WMRMYC are in for a good year. A quality fleet 9 skippers enjoyed a good racing breeze from the east south east which oscillated consistantly in combination with varying pressure in the 5 to 10 knot range.

WMRMYC Inc Summer Handicap Series RD 2, Manly Harbour - 18th December 2016

The last Race Day before Xmas was a great event. Fourteen entrants arrived early on Sunday morning eager to put their boats to the ultimate test.

WMRMYC Inc Summer Handicap Series RD 1, Manly Harbour - 20th November 2016

On Sunday 20th November RD1 of the WMRMYC Summer Handicap Series kicked off with a general meeting at 9am.  Business was attended to and at 9:30am races started with a light 3 to 5 knot breeze from the ENE on a very low tide.

WMRMYC Inc Summer Scratch Series RD 1, Carbrook - 6th November 2016

The forecast was looking great Saturday for Carbrook, 20knots from the south but the wind never came, 9 skippers turned up to brave the conditions.

WMRMYC Inc - JL Sullivan Memorial Trophy, Manly Harbour - 23rd October 2016

Well we were all hoping for a strong southerly change Sunday morning  but we ended up with a very light land breeze for the JL SULLIVAN TROPHY which is a handicap event.

WMRMYC Inc Winter Handicap Series RD 6, Manly Harbour - 16th October 2016

Race Report – 9 skippers attended Winter Handicap Series RD 6 sailed at Manly on Sunday 16th October 2016

WMRMYC Inc Winter Scratch Series RD 6, Manly Harbour - 2nd October 2016

WMRMYC Inc Winter Handicap Series RD 5, Manly Harbour - 25th September 2016

Local light rain at Manly before breakfast looked a little ominous. However by 8.30am the rain had reduced to a few drops and by start time the sun was coming out and turning into a beautiful day.

The wind was light and fluky from the north/north east, coming through in small gusts approximately every minute. The OOD set a windward return course (Sausage Course) for the first set of races. This Sausage course was deemed appropriate not only for the prevailing conditions, but as a reference to the Sausage Sizzle to be held after the completion of racing.

Racing got off to a Sizzling start with Mark picking up the first win of the day. Four closely fought races followed with Jack picking up a win, Mark another and Russell fluking a win.

After Race 5 , during the break, an additional rounding mark was laid to the east. The wind had settled , by now, to a steady 5-10knots. This provided an interesting course with more windward work. Jack had a couple more wins. Mark continued to show good form, while Scott and Peter ( with his brand spanking new Purple Bullet) came through with a win each.

John Gower showed flashes of brilliance as he gets used to setting his new 360 sails, while Andrew showed consistent results with his refurbished Pikanto which is sporting a new paint job (by Peter) a new mast and a new set of 360 sails. John McLachlan was consistent over the ten races picking up two thirds.

Russell was happy to be able to compete on this day because his Pikanto had sailed across Raby Bay, the previous Sunday, solo after the radio failed (jocular comments were made that his boat sailed straighter when Russell had lost control). Thanks go to the Cleveland Yacht Club for retrieving the stray Pikanto.

Unfortunately, Ian had electrical problems and had to retire from racing. This was disappointing because Ian had broken through to win race 5. Thanks go to Ian for helping out with recording the placings and adjusting the handicaps after each race.

Garth, the current Qld champion and our back marker, fought well all day working his way through the fleet to finish equal third on handicap.

As for the post racing Sausage Sizzle. It was a ripper BBQ with a very friendly atmosphere.

See you all next Sunday the 2nd of October for Winter Series Round 6 Scratch Racing.

Russell Gray –Pikanto 16 ( with P plates)”


WMRMYC Inc Winter Handicap Series RD 1, Manly Harbour - 15th May 2016

We started with our Annual General Meeting before racing today.  Welcome to the new committee for the club – there are some exciting changes and growth ahead.

WMRMYC Inc Winter Scratch Series RD 1, Manly Harbour - 1st May 2016

Well the forecast was for rain and light winds & that’s what we got – lots of rain & no wind.  What wind there was, was from a SE direction.  Understandably numbers were down but those that were there stuck it out.

WMRMYC Inc Summer Handicap Series RD 6, Manly - 17th April 2016


Wind, where ar’t though dear wind, cameth the call

A little whisp, a breeze, a blustery blow, or even a squall,

the start, then thirty minutes crawled on, oh so slowly by and

Eddie finally slipped quietly across the line, with a sigh....

WMRMYC Inc Clive Brooks Trophy, Manly Harbour - 10th April 2016

What a perfect day to have the Clive Brooks Trophy for 2016. The weather was kind to us with beautiful sunshine and 5 knot winds. It was A rig all day with no sight of increasing winds. So we all had I bite to eat over lunch and then we were back in to it with scratch racing.

WMRMYC Inc Summer Scratch Series RD 6, Manly Harbour - 3rd April 2016

Great to be back in the winner’s circle again although by only one point.  Eleven skippers greeted the starter for race one in a light easterly breeze.  An outgoing tide and plenty of weed in the water made sailing interesting.

WMRMYC Inc Summer Handicap Series RD 5, Manly - 20th March 2016

Handicap Round 5 Summer Series Race Report by Winner ( Acting)

Hi All, well it turned out a great day, even though the winds seemed reluctant to play initially, but as “Boats On the Water “call loomed ever closer, in they came from the South East.

WMRMYC Inc Summer Scratch Series RD 5, Manly Harbour - 6th March 2016

Round Five of our Summer Scratch racing series were held in a light to medium E to SE wind.  Thirteen skippers lined up for Race 1.

WMRMYC Inc Summer Handicap Series RD 4, Manly Harbour - 21st February 2016

Conditions. High tide but ebbing. Breeze 10kn plus with stronger gusts ESE. Sailing area very choppy for this venue.

OOD. Scott Warton.

WMRMYC Inc Summer Scratch Series RD 4, Manly Harbour - 7th February 2016

Twelve skippers attended the day at Manly on Sunday 7th February 2016.  Cloudy, 25 Degree morning, medium to strong gusty conditions.

WMRMYC Inc Summer Handicap Series RD 3, Manly Harbour - 17th January 2016

RACE REPORT– Handicap Summer Series Round 3.

Eleven skippers attended the day at Manly on Sunday 17th January 2016.  Cloudy 25 Degree morning, medium to strong gusty conditions.

WMRMYC Inc Summer Scratch Series RD 3, Manly Harbour - 3rd January 2016

RACE REPORT– Well the first scratch round for the New Year, round 3 for the summer series. 10 skippers attended the day at Manly on Sunday 3rd January 2016.  Cloudy 25 Degree morning, light to moderate winds.

WMRMYC Inc Summer Handicap Series RD 2, Manly Harbour - 20th December 2015

Sixteen skippers attended the 2nd round of the Summer Handicap Series at Manly Harbour on Sunday 20th December 2015. 

WMRMYC Inc Summer Scratch Series RD 2, Manly Harbour - 6th December 2015

Race Report – Nine skippers attended the scratch sailing at Manly on Sunday 6th December 2015 for Summer Scratch Series RD 2.  Sunny 28 Degrees, with wind. Nice day for a sail.

WMRMYC Inc Summer Handicap Series RD 1, Manly Harbour - 15th November 2015

Thirteen skippers turned up for the 1st round of the handicap summer series. Handicap times were written up on the board and ranged from 0 to 60 seconds and a course was set. The breeze was light but the direction was ideal for 3 up and down legs.

WMRMYC Inc Winter handicap Series RD 6, Manly Harbour - 18th October 2015 (2)

•    Weather: Scattered clouds, 26°, Winds E-SE @~10knots
•    Tide: High @ 12:30 2.08m
•    Course: Triangle and Sausage to finish (port course)


Tuesday Morning Sailing at the Wynnum Wading Pool (2)

It has been a couple of years since we have attended the regular Tuesday Morning Sailing at the Wynnum Wading Pool and the refurbishment of the pool and parkland (as completed some time ago now) was great to see.

WMRMYC Inc Winter Scratch Series RD 6, Carbrook - 4th October 2015

Twelve skippers turned up to sail the last round of the Winter Scratch Series.

Ex member Garth Halton was visiting without a boat.

At 8am there was 4 knots of westerly wind across the lake.

Sailing started early at 9-20 am as the breeze was fading.

WMRMYC Inc. Winter Scratch Series Round 5 - 6th September 2015

Conditions looked promising when we arrived at the lake as a cool, brisk breeze was coming in from the West. As the day progressed, Carbrook lived up to its reputation; the breeze varied either side of West and changed to variable light conditions.

But with multiple start lines and windward marks set, changes during the day were easily accommodated. Bruce acted as race recorder [and photographer] and courses were reset as and when the wind direction changed. Our day clashed with Father’s Day so numbers were down and only seven die-hard skippers fronted.

WMRMYC Inc Club Championship - 26th July & 30th August 2015

Our club championship has been run and won, after the first 12 races at Carbrook in a light Westerly to North-Westerly with several winners on the day, we moved on to the boat harbour on the 30th August.

WMRMYC Inc Winter Handicap Series RD 4, Manly - 16th August 2015

Race report : 16 Aug. 20125.
Venue: Manly Boat Harbour.
Weather: Cool, 4-6 kn S- SSE.

It was almost a perfect day at the boat harbour. About half tide and rising, clean water [no weed or jelly fish], and a good sailing breeze from the south of about 4-5knots.

Unfortunately our day clashed with another major ranking event at the Sunshine Coast. As a result only eight members turned up to race.
Scott and Dennis set a windward and return course of three laps which stayed unchanged for the duration.

WMRMYC Inc Winter Scratch Series RD 4, Carbrook - 2nd August 2015

A perfect winter’s day greeted the 9 skippers for round 4 of the WMRMYC Scratch Series. The wind direction wasn’t ideal but the breeze was light and steady.

We set a course, launched the boats and flip the start tape on for race one. All but a couple got away clean. Steve's and my boat got to know each other a little better and was late for the start but the penalty was quickly done and we were off and racing. Scott and Tony were never threatened and finished 1st and 2nd respectively, I snuck home in 3rd with Peter in 4th. This was going to be a preview of how the remainder of the day would go with each getting wins and top 3 placings.

WMRMYC Inc Winter Handicap Series RD 3, Manly - 19th July 2015

A good day of some strong gusty Southerly winds helped for some great battles throughout the day.

Many of the handicapped starters were able to get up into the podium finishes making for some close racing.

Thank you to everyone who was able to help me and others with some boat tuning advice and congratulations to Ian Forster and Dennis Patterson coming in 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Regards Craig JONES #63


WMRMYC Inc Winter Scratch Series RD 3, Carbrook - 5th July 2015

Race Report 3rd July 2015.  Round 3 Winter Scratch Racing at Carbrook.

Light Westerly’s of around 2 to 6 knots were the order of the day, several of our regular Skippers were absent for the racing today and only a small fleet of 7 made it to the start line.

Some very close finishes were recorded, John Dousi had transmission problems which are very frustrating, Ian managed a couple of podium placings, ex-commodore John suffered with a sore back which I am sure did not help his score today.

Andrew managed 3 podium places. Allan sailed reasonably well for 6 podiums, but the main battle was between Scott and me, I started with 5 wins. Then after smoko, Scott came storming back to make it a very close finish for the day.

You could not afford to relax too much today.  Thank you Bruce for scoring the racing today.                                          


WMRMYC Inc Commodores Cup 2014-2015

WMRMYC Inc Summer Handicap Series RD 6, Manly - 19th April 2015

WMRMYC Manly Harbour Race Report 19th April 2015 Wind – N-NE @ 10knots, Scattered Clouds, Tide – High 09:47 - 2.26m.

The day commenced with a challenge to launch vessels as the Brisbane City Council (BCC) were rebuilding the access steps. Thank you BCC.

This was over-come by passing the vessels to Tony Grey who stood in the water to launch the vessels, thank you Tony. Tony later DNS 2 races to fine-tune his vessel.

First race was abandoned with the fleet congregated about 5 metres from the start line due to a lack of wind. With those dramas out of the way, the wind picked up and the race was on with Scott Warton taking the 1st race convincingly. Craig Jones experienced electrics issues and retired at the end of the 2nd race.

An early break was call at the end of the 2nd race won by Commodore McLachlan, with the wind dropping out again. We retired to the shelter for drinks and Emma Zaphir’s Banana Bread, thank you Emma.

Bernie Cornish recommenced the racing with a win in the 3rd race. Dennis Patterson displayed some impressive sailing, and taking out 2 races with Ian Foster having a win in the 7th.

Peter Kemp was consistent throughout the day finishing in the top end of the fleet and John Holland staying with the fleet. The racing was good and competitive with penalties completed swiftly. Third placed was tied between Bernie Cornish and Scott Warton, with Second going to Allan Bryant. Well done to all.

Thank you to all officials.




WMRMYC Inc Summer Scratch Series RD 6, Carbrook - 5th April 2015

Race Report – Ten skippers attended the scratch sailing at Carbrook on Sunday 5th April 2015 for the final round of the Summer Scratch Points Series.

When we first arrived, there was not a breath of wind on the pond and we thought we were in for another drifter.  But 15min before the start, the wind started to fill in from the West –Southwest direction. A course was set and we got underway on time.

The first few races were a bit patchy in places but the wind steadily built to a steady 5-8knots which made for a great day sail.

Andrew finally put his Pikanto back together after a bit of TLC on his winch and set his boat up back to the standard Bantock settings and showed good pace all day and finished the day with a 2nd with Scott just 1 point behind.

Allan was not far away from a podium place with a good win in R3 and some good results all day. He had a new set of sails in the car so next time watch this space. John showed good pace all day and pushed hard at all times, Steve had a win in R4 and showed good pace all day. Ken had a few good races as did John.

The racing was close all day and if you kept out of trouble you did well. It was a good day, we had breeze.

Thanks to Bruce for all the good work running the races today.

Tony  GREY

WMRMYC Inc Clive Brooks Handicap Trophy 2015, Manly - 22nd March

Due to unfortunate weather conditions, only the Handicap races were sailed in the Clive Brooks Trophies event.  The Scratch racing will be rescheduled for a date and location yet to be decided. 

Thank you to all members who attended the Handicap racing and special thanks to Emma ZAPHIR for providing homemade cookies.  Congratulations to the Handicap event winners and hopefully the wind will return for the Clive Brooks Scratch racing at a later date!

The Event   (Clive Brooks Trophy)

Rain drops pattering from dawning sky, brought a sailor’s frown
with chattels packed, batteries charged, onward there to Manly Town,
grey sky welcome, tho’ rain at bay, the God of Wind gave promise
whistle gone and one race down, the gift was taken, from us,

As sailors do on the open sea, we heaved and hoed, ever horizon searching
for any sign of godly spawn, from whence the lookouts were perching,
Thunder rumbled, and rain fell down, dark clouds raised looming towers
The wind returned with vengeance,  morphing craft from rafts to ploughers

With Huff and puff, the wind did blow, eight sailors ‘plied their trade
but three hours down and eight races in,  again, the wind did fade
skippers, Forster, Zaphir and Milne,  finally, achieved something on the day
first, second and third places filled and with prizes sailed away.

One Race we tried from Scratch, in the tired and listless breeze,
‘til not a thing did move, in air, on boat, or trees
unanimously it was decided, right there, right then
Scratch would, on another day, be sailed again!

Ian Forster

WMRMYC Inc Summer Handicap Series RD 5, Manly - 15th March 2015

After three days of good Southeasters, Sunday 15th of March saw the Southwest and South morning breezes. We got through ten races of a good length allowing the back-markers to feature in some close finishes.

I was pleased to win off the back mark and getting around some of the lulls was essential to the win - only .2 of a point!

(Thanks to Steve’s wife Emma, who provided chocolate cake for smoko).

Cheers, Scott WARTON

WMRMYC Inc Summer Scratch Series RD 5, Carbrook - 1st March 2015

Race Report – 8 skippers attended the scratch sailing at Carbrook on Sunday 1 st March 2015
Only to be greeted with a hot, humid day and with very little breeze out of a north. 

It was decided to delay the start of racing to allow for the breeze to fill in a bit more.

After about ½ an hour the breeze filled enough to get racing underway. Scotty and Peter set a course, windward return x 2 course.  We got a few races in only to find the wind had still not settle down and completely disappeared at times. Everyone experienced boats sailing around them as you got stuck in a hole, including myself.

The course was shifted a couple of times as the wind swung around a little to the NE then back to  NW   so we went back to the original coarse.

John McLachlan was one of the outstanding sailors of the day showing good speed all day and was at the   front end of the race course most of the time. Andrew put his boat in the right place at the right time in race 5 with John right behind him .It was a little touch in go towards the end of that race as the chasing boats where bringing up the breeze from back. Andrew got there in the end. Well done. Ken was another showing good speed for most of the day.

Bernie was getting used to his new boat just purchased of Peter and with a bit more time with it will no doubt move up the ladder. Allan was not far off the pass at the start but unfortunately had a little sheet trouble towards the end of the day. It looks like Peter is coming to grips with his new boat and once Peters in front , he is hard to catch and Scott  has got his Fractal going well in this light conditions . I watched him sail around me a couple of times.

Racing was called off after 8 races as the wind couldn’t make its mind up whether to stay or go.

Thanks to Bruce for all the good work running the races today.

The racing was a lot closer than the results and hopefully next time we will get a few more skippers turn up and a bit more breeze.


WMRMYC Inc Summer Handicap Series RD 4, Manly - 15th February 2015

With clear skies and light wind eleven skippers launched at Manly Boat Harbour on Sundaywith only two races before calling an early morning tea, with Tony Grey and Ken Anning taking advantage in the light conditions early.

With the wind picking up and a course change we were back on the water for what was to be some close racing which saw the course set as a starboard tack triangle with the home stretch downwind to make for some close finishes.

It seemed if u were out in front off the start it was hard to be caught as I showed, with some beginners luck, with 1st place finishes 4 times out of the last 5 races to take out the round.

A big thank you to Ken and Peter helping me get my first IOM race boat put together and to John McLachlan and Scott Warton for some great tips along the way.

Please excuse the amateur race report as I’m still very new to the sailing scene’ but had a fantastic time on the weekend and look forward to seeing everyone at the next round

Regards  Craig Jones  #118

WMRMYC Inc Summer Scratch Series RD 4, Carbrook - 1st February 2015

Another typical Sunday morning for this time of the year at Carbrook   with sunny conditions and  a light breeze that varied from 0 – 8  knots and oscillated all over the compass.

We had 11 skippers turned up for the day to hear the sad news that 1 off our regular long time members, Bernie Coogan had passed away last week. A few kind words from our Commodore, John McLachlan and a 1 min silence was called before racing got underway. Bernie’s regular attendance and gentle, friendly nature will be missed by all.

 Scott and Peter did their best to set a course to cover all the odds but unfortunately with a dying breeze an early smoko was called to try wait for the wind to pick up.

The course was set, windward, return x 2 .We ended up using 3 different starts through the morning to keep up with the changing wind direction.

Andrew got away to a good start for the 1 st race and could not be caught .The usual front runners battled it out with some tight racing  with a few of the new guys showing there competitive pace. John with his Cheinz was the big improver for the day with some very completive results .Steve had a couple of good races when he got away to a clean start with good boat speed. Everyone had their moment at the front but the lack of wind at times got the better of everyone.

In the end, the lack of wind won and we finished the day after race 9.At the end of the day it was sometimes frustrating but it was a good to be out there sailing.

Good luck to all club members taking part in the Brisbane Challenge.

Tony Grey

WMRMYC Inc Summer Handicap Series RD 3, Manly - 18th January 2015

WMRMYC Inc- Handicap Summer Series Round 3, Manly –18th January 2015
Weather: Scattered clouds, 36°, 90% humidity, Winds: light and variable
Tide: Outgoing low at 14:22 (0.59)

John McLachlan, Scott Warton, Peter Kemp and Bradley Ginnivan laid the marks and set aport course of large triangles to a downwind finish. The light winds oscillated which frustrated the fleet.Scott Warton and Tony Grey set the bar high in the first race coming in at 1st and 2nd respectively. The wind was less kind in the second race and morning tea was called early to allow time for the wind to strengthen (or disappear completely).
Morning Tea was extra special with fresh chocolate biscuits from Emma Zaphir.

Racing continued with course adjustments to make the best of the conditions. There were 14 starters. 8 races were completedin the challenging conditions and 1st place was shared by 8 skippers. John Dousi’s Cheinz is looking impressive. Ian Foster finished the day well. Bradley Ginnivan sailed well and maintained the pressure on the fleet. John Holland and Bernie Cornish capitalised on wind shifts to find their wins.

A good day’s racing in challenging conditions.
Thank you to all the officials – seamlessly efficient.

See you on the water.
Stephen ZAPHIR


WMRMYC Inc Summer Scratch Series RD 2, Carbrook - 7th December 2014

Hi Everyone,

Once again light winds were the order of the day, however they were a lot more consistent from a Northern direction and we had a choice of 3 windward marks.

Only 7 yachts turned up for the day and wins were shared around.  It was very pleasing to see the old Fox get up there for a well deserved 2nd well done Andrew.

Scott sailed well for his tied 2nd place while Tony was not quite up to pace today, but still managed 3rd.

Ian Ashe had a new boat here today and showed good pace at times.  John sailing Number 51 continues to improve while sailing the ex-Paul Jones title winning boat.

Many thanks again to Commodore John for bringing all the equipment to allow us to have a hassle free day.

Racing finished at 12:00 today through lack of wind, however as soon as most of the boats were packed away the wind came back in.

At least we had a breeze most of the day.


WMRMYC Inc Summer Handicap Series RD 1, Manly - 16th November 2014

A good hot weekend with temps today reaching around 36 degree C, what better to do than go sailing.

The winds at Manly were from the NNW ranging from 12.8 knots to 14 with a few moderate gusts thrown in to the mix. We sailed a triangle and a sausage with the up and down leg being parallel to the shore line making for some close tacking to prevent running aground which unfortunately happened to a few during the day, however coming across on port meant for a challenge and a judgment call with those bearing down on starboard.

Taking the honors today came as a surprise as with the handicap racing there was some close racing and a degree of hunting and it was fun to be up against some tough competition. Tony GREY is the one as always to put up a good fight and congratulations to Tony for taking a deserved second place with Lachlan CALLENDAR taking third place showing by his results a very consistent challenge , he only realized his placing as he drove by and given three fingers.

John McLACHLAN sailed well and John and I enjoyed our close dashes to the line with not even a boat length but centimeters being the difference. John DOUSI made a comeback after lunch following a tweak or two of his sails.

The day went well with few penalties and those taken were without fuss, all in all another great days sailing with a bunch of great blokes and the classics like Jack FORD.


WMRMYC Inc Summer Scratch Series RD1 - 2nd November 2014

11 Club Members showed up at Carbrook for Round 1 of Summer Scratch Series.

Bruce showed up to help out and acted as PRO and record keeper.

Eddie was no-where to be seen as the All Blacks were playing the Eagles in Rugby, the final score however was more like a game a cricket in the end.  Thanks Bruce for helping out for the day.

The wind was light at the start of the day building gradually throughout the morning to be genuine B rig for the last hour but we stayed in A rig to struggle the elements.  At times the wind was coming from every direction with luck playing a bit part in the course sailed by skippers, sometimes it paid off and sometimes it didn't.  All of us suffered and triumphed on the windward return.  Poor old Brad G however seemed to come out worse on several occasions with having many winning leads and top 3 finishes disappearing through no fault of his own.

The course started with 2 Windward returns but as the wind picked up it was decided to do 3, this lead to a bit of confusion at first with most skippers however it did lead to some exciting battles.  Great Fun.  Malcom sailing his V8 was really flying on the downwind legs while Peter sailing his own design, a Mongrel had real upwind speed.  Bradley G, Andrew M, Scott W, John M, Steve V, Alan B, Dudley A and Bernie C all had their turn at showing us all how to sail with a wide spread of top placing's shared by all.

Even though at times it was very frustrating until the wind settled in all had a good days sailing and with the right attitude.  The start line gave everyone the chance to get away ahead of the fleet, the windward returns needed a lot of forward thinking with the choice of which side to take playing a part in how each skipper finished. All round, a great days sailing.


Lachlan Callander

WMRMYC Inc Winter Handicap Series RD 6 [Final], Manly - 19th October 2014

An excellent turnout of 15 boats turned out for the final race of the winter series, a handicap event.

WMRMYC Inc 2014 Overall Winter Series - Scratch Racing

WMRMYC Inc Winter Scratch Series RD 6 [Final], Carbrook - 5th October 2014

Nine skippers arrived at Carbrook on a very pleasant sunny day, to be greeted with a light shifty breeze out of the SW. 

The breeze died out completely before swinging around to the North and shifting all over the compass all morning. The breeze never settled down all day. We ended up using 3 different start lines for the day. The conditions also made it challenging to pick which side of the course to take as there were big shifts and big holes all day long. I think all skippers experienced a bit of good fortune and a bit of misfortune throughout the day.

We sailed 2 triangles and a sausage for the 1st 4 races, unfortunately the wind died out completely so we took an early break to wait for the breeze to fill in. The wind returned and had shifted around to the SE for race 5, so we shifted the start and got the race underway. The wind shifted 180 deg, half way through the race so the course was shifted again for race 6 onwards. For the final 5 races we dropped 1 triangle.

The racing was close at times between all boats and in some races the fleet got split in to two as the front boats sailed away as they got the breeze first and the back boats got stuck in a hole.

Andrew dusted off the cobwebs of his old boat and showed some good boat speed all day and had some good results. John sailed consistently all day and was up there when he got away to a clean start. It was good to see Bernie back sailing after a winter break. Scott and Allan had good pace all day and sailed well. I got mowed down on the run to the finish line a couple of times by those two. Dudley had a few good races when he got away to a clean start and Steve also proved he had the pace in R7 when he got away to a clean start and picked the right side of the course.

Thanks to Bruce for being OOD for the day after the break. There were a few regulars absent today due to other comments but we hope to see them next time. Even tho' it was a frustrating day due to the wind conditions, everyone enjoyed themselves.


WMRMYC Inc Winter Handicap Series RD 5, Manly - 21st September 2014

Scattered clouds, 22°, Winds ESE at 10-15 knots. Tide: Outgoing low at 13:44

John McLachlan, Peter Kemp and Bradly Ginnivan laid the marks and set a starboard course of a large triangle followed by 2 sausages to downwind finish.

The wind oscillated which frustrated the fleet. Racing started with Dudley Allard looking famous. Andrew Milne kept a steady pace all day with consistent finishes. Denis Patterson experienced issues with his vessel, so he departed the course only to return later with his reserve vessel for some sound results.

Tony Grey and Bradley reefed down at half time to their “B” rig as the wind appeared to increase in pressure. This decision proved to exasperate them, in particular on the downwind legs. They retired early. Jack Ford kept the fleet honest while John Dousi sailed his new vessel with impressive speed.

Scott Warton completed 2 races then assisted the junior members in their PRO duties. As the day progressed the fleet dwindled to a final 6 in the last race. There were a number of bumps and near miss with 2 vessel dancing in circles while attached at the mast. Not a pretty sight for their skipper.
A good days racing with many opportunities to polish skills.
Thank you to all the officials.

WMRMYC Inc Winter Scratch Series RD 5, Carbrook - 7th September 2014

RACE REPORT - A small but competitive fleet sailed at Carbrook this Sunday 7th September 2014.  No doubt the small fleet was due to today being Fathers Day. 

Fairly strong SE winds greeted us this morning.  A few of us put ‘B’ rigs on but by racing time we all switched to ‘A’ rigs.  A few wipe outs occurred during the day.

Steve lost his rudder but fortunately he had a spare with him.  No one seemed keen to go diving for it.  I wonder why.  Even thought the wind was strong it was still changing both in velocity and direction.  The score may not show it but some races were very close and a win was not assured till sometimes the very last tack.

I think my Black Spot sails were working well today however I felt more forestay tension was required in these strong top of ‘A’ rig winds.  I personally had no boat issues today, which was a change after the Eddie Cowell regatta.

Eddie sailed well and pushed me hard at times.  Tony is always up there.  Scotty had an off day.  Andrew won one race and missed two races.  John blamed the wind in the end and Steve is slowly on the improve.  At least we had a breeze today and everyone enjoyed themselves.


WMRMYC Inc Clive Brooks Trophy - 31st August 2014

Clive Brooks Handicap Trophy Report - 31st August 2014

Well it is nice to have the privilege of having to summarize the sailing and especially the Clive Brooks trophy,

missed having you there on the day Clive. Well all I can say is thank goodness we didn't have the washing machine winds off shore as we have had in recent times.

The day was sunny and bright with light breezes which became more settled as the day progressed requiring a few course changes which included three triangles and at one stage a gate. Once a few races were had we settled into the conditions which still however kept you on your toes anticipating those wind changes.
There was at times some close racing with the odd huddle around the buoys, and no incidents to write home about.

Scott did a great job as PRO and keeping us in line, sorry for saying sh** Scott it just slipped out and congratulations to Scott for winning the draw to take home a new set of sails from Clive Brooks (the best).
Hard to say much about my other competitors as I was too intent on my own yacht #23 which did me well pulling out some extra speed I didn't know I had. John kept me company at close quarters with #40. Dudley was amongst the leaders with three wins and a second which put him in a close, very close second. All in all it was a good handicap event had by a bunch of great sailors with keen anticipation for the next scratch event to follow on the day.
Again as usual we drew a number of spectators making for a fun day.

Clive Brooks Scratch Trophy Report - 31st August 2014

The afternoon races started in a steady 5 knots, from the northeast. Brad, Tony, Allan and myself seemed to have the speed and the start and first leg was important to all.  In race 3 I picked up some weed but kept going as I did not want a DNF and the extra points.  A good tussle with Brad and the one point win showed how tight it was at the front.

Thank you to Clive Brooks for a great set of sails which I also won from the draw and our club for putting on a great day.




WMRMYC Inc Winter Handicap Series RD 4, Manly - 17th August 2014

Round 4 the Winter Handicap Series were held at Manly Harbour on Sunday 17th August 2014. 10 skippers turned up and wishing for good weather and it turned out good all day for the competition.

The wind was unpredictable, none in places and very good and heavy gusts in others. Not certain of direction, sometimes north west, west or south west. All boats remained with A sails  the whole day.

10 skippers  turned up hoping for fine weather and it was good all day. Racing got under way a little after 9:30am and Brad [78] won the first race probably because he laid the course and knew where to go. I cannot make much comment about any body as I was concentrating on my own racing. I did not hear any grumbling so all skippers must have had a good day.

Congratulations to Al [64] who come in 2nd and to Dudley [78 ] for 3rd place and all other skippers for coming along.
As always our sincere thanks to John Mc who looks after working out the results, Dennis who works hard in doing many chores and to Brad on the excellent course he set out.

Jack Ford 

WMRMYC Inc Winter Scratch Series RD 4, Carbrook - 3rd August 2014

We arrived at Carbrook hoping for a steady breeze and thinking about the those attending Kawana for the Eddie Cowell regatta. 6 of us faced the start line,the South-Easter filled in just in time. 10 races in A rig  with Tony, John and I sharing the wins.

Scott prevailed at the end of the day, followed by Tony and then John. Cheers Scott WARTON.

A small band of five club members and a visitor sailed at Carbrook on Sunday 3rd August for the fourth round of the Winter Scratch Points Series.  Skipper numbers were down for the event on this occasion as there were at least five (5) of our regular club members competing in the ‘Eddie Cowell Perpetual Trophy’ which is run by the Club Kawana Radio Yacht Club on the Sunshine Coast (our club is pleased to see our members travelling further afield to gain regatta experience on a competitive level).

For a third consecutive club event, results reveal Scott WARTON has blitzed the field to win the day by placing first in no less than six of the ten races completed, with no placing lower than second position overall for Scott.  Tony GREY and Commodore John McLACHLAN alternated between second and third placing behind Scott, while filling first place twice each where Scott resigned his lead.

Tom PURSIHEIMO suffered two severe setbacks with maximum points incurred in two heats, but otherwise maintained respectable mid-fleet placings throughout the day. Dennis PATTERSON wasn’t able to sail so he kindly officiated the day and also took the all-important photos. This allowed novice John D*** to sail through for a reliable 5th placing and still not last on the day – any day your boat stays on top of the water John D*** is a good sailing day! Experience will see improvements.

Thanks to everyone who was able to support the club during a major regatta weekend and we look forward to seeing our Kawana delegates back on the water with us for the next club points day event.

WMRMYC Inc Winter Scratch Series RD 3 , Carbrook - 6th July 2014

A nice but cold steady breeze greeted the 11 skippers for round three of the winter scratch series. Unlike the previous scratch day we had wind, at times we were at the top of A-rig range. Course: 2 Triangles & 1 Sausage.

It was nice to see John Gower back sailing with us after a ten year break. His beautifully presented new Mojo was entering the water for the first time. With a long absence from sailing and a boat untested he was always going to find it tough, I’m sure when he knocks off some rust and gets setup and tuning tips from Jeff Byerley he will be back up to speed in no time.

Tony Grey was on the pace from the outset winning the first race of the day, he would go on to win another in race 8. Scott Warton was very consistent and was only out of the top 3 twice. His recently purchased Fraktal was super quick and I struggled at times to catch him let alone pass him. With two wins and four 2nds he finished equal 1st overall.

Andrew Milne was on fire at times winning 3 races, he had new sails on and the boat seemed fast throughout the day, a much deserved 3rd placing overall, well done Andy.

Tom Pursiheimo was sporting a new jib on his boat. He and the boat were sailing well and finished mid fleet overall which was pleasing to see. No one spends more time on his boats than Tom and his dad, coming up with new ideas and innovations. Might not be the prettiest boat but beauty is in the details I guess, sorry Tom :-)

John McLachlan isn’t normally down that far on the leader board but he had a good excuse, rig failure in race 7 and a forced change to B-rig saw him badly under powered for the remainder of the day.

To those names not mentioned I apologise, hard to keep an eye on everyone while sailing and trying to keep out of trouble.  My Britpop is a very forgiving boat and can make an average sailor look good by pulling you out of trouble, after two previous 2nd’s it was nice to finally win one along with Scott. (Just quietly it helps when Peter’s not here too…shhhhh! )

Thanks to Bruce for scoring and John Pursiheimo as OOD.

Eddie Cowell

WMRMYC Inc Winter Scratch Series RD 2 , Carbrook - 1st June 2014

Thirteen skippers turned up to race in a diminishing breeze from the west.

Racing got underway at 9-35am with Bruce Mathers scoring and John Pursiheimo assisting. Two laps of a windward and return course.

The breeze dropped out completely so a smoko break was called.

Several members and non members packed their boats up, the remainder waited until 11am when a suggestion of a breeze presented from the south west. Another race was started but again on a dying hint of wind, only six boats finished.

The Race event was abandoned.


WMRMYC Inc Winter Scratch Series RD 1, Carbrook - 4th May 2014

Wind,  wind  and more wind , that is what greeted the 9 skippers at Carbrook today for our scratch racing .B rig all day.  Eddie and Dudley have no B rigs yet and wisely elected not to sail.

Dudley helped Dennis with the OOD duties and Bruce took heaps of photos.  (Thanks for your help fellows.)  Every one appreciated sailing in strong winds for a change, most sailing  days have been light lately.  Several skippers missed the top mark, I missed it 3 times myself, need stronger glasses.  Racing was fairly close between the top 3 skippers.  Tony and Brad sailed much better after smoko.  Scott was there most of the time, keeping pressure on everyone.  Commodore John unfortunately missed the last 2 races.  Up till then he was going fairly well.  Andrew managed 2 seconds but was not consistent enough.  The day was freezing cold but we sailed in good spirits. 

WMRMYC Inc 2013-2014 Commodores Cup

WMRMYC Inc 2013-2014 Summer Final

WMRMYC Inc Summer Handicap Series RD 6, Manly - 20th April 2014

Sundays racing was held on manly boat harbour. A beautiful day greeted us with a low tide and light winds mostly from the south east. The conditions were tricky and challenging , even more so in one race when a 36ft cat ploughed through the top mark running over at least two of our yachts. I saw Dennis Pattersons boat go under the front of the big cat & out the back and amazingly with very little damage thankfully. Congratulations to the winners Dudley Allard Bernie Cornish & Scott Warton. Special thanks to Scott & John McLaughlin For all their hard work.

Dudley Allard.

WMRMYC Inc Summer Scratch Series RD 6, Carbrook - 6th April 2014 (FINAL)

Variable light winds once again greeted the 7 sailors at Carbrook  for round six of the scratch racing today.

Tranquil Waters Retirement Village Regatta - 30th March 2014

Date:  30th March 2014

Venue: Redland Bay, adjacent to the Tranquil Waters Retirement Village.

Weather: Overcast with occasional light showers.

                 Light SE breeze.

                 Full but ebbing tide.

WMRMYC Inc Summer Handicap Series RD 4, Manly - 16th February 2014

The 4th round of the Summer Handicap Series at Manly brought the 14 starters a warm morning and lively breeze from the North at around 10 to 12 knots initially which later increased to include gusts of 15 to 20 knots for the final 5 races.

The increase in wind strength left most skippers scratching their heads about a change down to B rig after morning tea.

The majority stayed with their A rig but it didn’t seem to make a lot of difference to those with B rigs as the puffs and holes largely balanced one another out.

Scott Warton’s boat was out of action and he kindly acted as our OOD. Everything then progressed in Scott’s usual un-flappable style.

The Commodore welcomed former member Brett Whitfield who has purchased Bernie Coogan’s Cockatoo. Brett intends re-joining and judging on his 2nd place today will be a good competitor.

Steven Zaphir has purchased the ex Tony Grey DMX2 and we wish him success with the new boat.

The course was a testing 3 lap windward and return which became more so as the morning went on.

A number of boats had mechanical and other problems of various sorts and either missed races or withdrew altogether. These skippers included Bradley Ginnivan, Bernie Coogan, Steven Zaphir, Dennis Patterson and Graham Mackay.

Dudley Allard had rudder problems all day but still finished a creditable equal third.

Race winners were:

John Holland                      4

John McLachlan                  2

Allan Bryant                       1

Dudley Allard                      1

Tony Grey                           1

Jack Ford                            1

The Commodore wishes to thank allskippers and officials for their participation in a very lively morning’s racing.

John HOLLAND (06)

WMRMYC Inc Summer Scratch Series RD 4, Carbrook - 2nd February 2014

A typical ‘Carbrook’ day ensured some very challenging racing in breeze that varied from zero knots in the starting area to a very sailable 8 to 10 knots at the bottom mark.

Due to work commitments and a lack of brownie pointsI have been finding it hard to get to Carbrook for the scratch racing and it was encouraging to find 15 other starters ready to enjoy the day.  Of significant note was that amongst the 16 boats there was barely two of the same design.

With limited course options available in an easterly breeze a decision was easily made. It did however result in light and confused wind on the start line and the top marks as the wind tried to find its way over the hill and around the club house.  After a small refinement this course prevailed throughout the 10 races.
With a downhill start, boats rounded a bottom mark to port, reaching to a further bottom mark, tacking up to a windward mark with a suitable positioned clearing mark, square downhill to a gate and back to the finish.
The use of the clearing marks and gates are proving invaluable in reducing contact between boats and adding a tactical decision which often resulted in some place changing.

Throughout the day the breeze oscillated enough between and during the race that no side of the course was particularly favoured.  After the start line lottery there was a lot of overtaking opportunities throughout the fleet and I am sure all skippers went home happy.

Congratulations should go to all competitors as the testing conditions and heat generally encourage frustration amongst our otherwise friendly members. In contrast there was some entertaining banter as well as some wise words from the PRO encouraging discussion between the skippers in the approaches to the marks.

Despite this there was some inevitable contact between marks or other boats mainly as a result of misjudgement at a distance and generally totally unintentional. In the interest of good racing, contact at the bottom mark was allowed which I felt to everyone’s credit was not abused and any boat contact was resolved with discussion or absolved by circles. 

A very noble Peter Kampe was victim of a minor incident potentially robbing him of a deserved win. The error in judgement was possibly the result of waning concentration as the day was drawing to a conclusion.
The final results reflected the testing conditions with wins going to five different skippers and podium places to 8 of the 16 starters.  Notable performances came from John Gower in a borrowed boat (watch out when his new Byerley boat arrives), as well as Ian Ashe with his very well presented Rage.  Allan Bryant and Andrea also narrowly missed race podiums after some great starts.

I was excited to have some great results in the first part of the day so much that after the break I was on a downhill slide before recovering slightly towards the end. Matt Chew with his very quick Pikanto was quite the opposite coming home strong with some good wins and a couple of healthy discards to finish only two points behind in second.  The race 4 result, if reversed, which only had a bow bumper in it, may have resulted in a different story.

Tony, Bradley and Peter battled it out for the final podium place with the speed of Tony’s new boat helping him claim the place after an up and down day. Bradley, who has a history of boat issues affecting his race days, had an early scare with a receiver issue which he managed to rectify prior to Race 1 after a quick rescue with the club boat. Brad had a generally consistent day to finish 4th followed by Peter who is still coming to terms with his new boat with almost every place from 1st to 10th in the ten races.

It was a day where you really felt you had not secured a result until you had actually crossed the finish line.
A special thanks to Scott Wharton for taking on the PRO duties for the day and to John for the arduous task of inputting the results.

Good luck to all club members taking on the Brisbane Challenge.

Mike Freebairn



WMRMYC Inc. Summer Handicap Series RD3 Manly - 19th Jan 2014

17 boats lined up for the first heat of Round 3 of the Summer Handicap Series held at the Manly boat harbour on Sunday. They were greeted by a very warm Brisbane summer’s day. The breeze was light at 8 to 10 knots and was from the ESE tending towards NE as proceedings went on.

The field included Glen Fitzgerald a visitor from Morteon Radio Yacht Squadron.

Clive Brooks and Steve Zaphir very kindly offered to do the PRO duties for the day, leaving the rest of us to fight things out on the water.

This is precisely what took place and the big field and benign breeze ensured close and spirited but in the main good-natured competition.

In general it was not a day for the back markers, Bradley Ginnivan, Tony Grey, John McLachlan and company found getting through us lesser lights in the forgiving breeze a little difficult.

In the pack things ran tight with many boat / boat and boat / mark collisions having Clive and Steve wondering what they let themselves in for.  Their penalty turn calls became so frequent and strident one skipper suggested they both take a Valium after disagreeing that he had hit a buoy. He did the penalty.

Again our thanks must go to Clive and Steve. It is a luxury to have experienced members of their calibre to assist the club. (and I apologize for the “Valium” bit boys).

The big fleet and easy breeze produced race results that varied considerably. Heat winners on the day were Tony Bennett and Andrea Pannell who won 2 races each and Bernie Coogan, Jack Ford, Dudley Allard, John Holland, Lachlan Callandar and David Moore who all took out one race each.

So with eight different winners of the ten heats there was no one more surprised than myself to discover an overall win on the day.

The results were:-

1st  John Holland          06   Mad Max    38 Points
2nd  Graeme Mackay   09   Evo              40      “
3rd  Tony Bennett        33   V5                45      “

I’m sure the Commodore wishes me to thank all skippers and officials on his behalf for their participation in what turned out to be a very pleasant morning’s racing.

John Holland (06) 

WMRMYC Inc Summer Scratch Series RD 3 , Carbrook - 5th January 2014

Race report - 5th January 2014 - Nine skippers attended the first race of the New Year, which turned out to be a very enjoyable day sailing despite the hot sticky conditions we all had to contend with.
The temperature rose to the mid 30's and very humid. The wind was light to moderate and very shifty and changing in velocity all day, which made it tricky choosing which side of the course to take. Sometimes the left side of the course paid off on 1 of the beats and the next time the right side paid off.

Due to the wind direction, it was a reach to the first mark and all skippers had their moment of getting the start right and leading into their 1st mark. It was good to see Andrea with her TS2 doing well and leading a few races to the 1st windward mark. Allan Bryant had a good day and sailed a couple of great races and lead race 7 all the way to take the gun, well done.

It was good to see Bradley back sailing after a break and back at the front of the fleet straight away. The top 3 places were closely contested and the shifty conditions took their toll at times coming up to the finish. Peter was coming to grips with his new boat and was hard to beat all day.

I was very pleased with how my new V8 performed, today being its 1st day scratch racing and taking me over 12 months to build.

All in all it was a great way to start the New Year.
Happy New Year
Tony Grey


RACE REPORT –  Still very hot today at the Carbrook venue (although not as bad as the 40°+ which hit around the State yesterday!) but it was good to see nine members brave the summer heat to participate in the first club points sailing event for 2014.
I arrived at the venue just as the break was being called and it was straight away apparent that the wind was fickle as the Standards on the Flagpole constantly alternated between fluttering in a small breeze to wilting motionless – and not from the heat either!  Andrea PANNELL commented that she had unfortunately had sail issues earlier in the morning and also mentioned the impressive speed of Tony GREY’s new boat.  Due to the conditions, the rest period was brief but relevant and as soon as Commodore John McLACHLAN had brought the points table up-to-date, the fleet quickly returned to the water.
It immediately became apparent that Andrea was well justified in her observations as Tony’s boat took some impressive leads at times, which is also evident by the final points with Tony winning the day.  Nevertheless and not to detract from Bradley GINNIVAN and Peter KAMPE who also sailed well to place second and third respectively.
Despite the heat, sweat and wind frustrations, all skippers managed the day admirably, no issues went to protest and everyone was more than accommodating to complete any handicap imposed for infringement of the rules. Special encouragement must also go to one of our newer members; despite displaying prowess on previous sail days, Steve ZAPHIR hit some unfortunate situations which included battery/transmitter &/or receiver issues in the final races, other setbacks also being the wind and heat which had Steve struggle at the back of the fleet at times.  Hopefully Steve will have whatever electrical issues sorted out soon and with more favourable winds he will be making steady progress once again.
As always, our sincerest thanks and appreciation goes to John for setting the venue and scoring the event and all members for packing the site.  Hopefully the cooler conditions in coming months will see more members taking part in the scratch sailing at Carbrook.  Scoring was shared amongst the skippers on a first across the line basis while I scored a couple of the last heats, congratulations to everyone who participated today. BM 

WMRMYC Inc Summer Handicap Series RD 1 , Manly - 17th November 2013

WMRMYC Winter Series 2013 - FINAL

WMRMYC Inc Winter Scratch Series RD 6 , Carbrook - 6th October 2013

RACE REPORT – Nine skippers attended the sixth and final Round of the Winter Scratch Points Series at Carbrook on Sunday 6thOctober 2013.  It was yet another beautiful Queensland Spring morning and thankfully not as hot as the previous few days had been. 

As always, the site had been prepped by the early arrival of our Commodore John McLACHLAN and the skippers were called to attention on time for the briefing, the course was set and the fleet entered the water with a slight Southerly breeze.  Peter KAMPE, Tony GREY and John made an early impression by placing respectively in the first heat, Peter would continue with this impressive form by placing in all but one of the ten races to win the day. 

Mike FREEBAIRN arrived at the site late (I believe due to vehicle problems) and missed the first two races, however this seemed of little consequence as Mike immediately dominated race three with his new pre-loved Kiwi boat.  Mike continued in this exceptional fashion throughout the remaining races and was a continual challenge to Tony, with final results placing both Tony and Mike in overall equal second place.

At the conclusion of heat five the break was called, John tallied the mid day results as the skippers pondered a course change – this was implemented when the fleet was recalled but proved ineffective and race six was abandoned before the first mark.  At which time sailing reverted back to the original course and heat six was restarted.

It was really great to see new member Steve ZAPHIR competing in the Scratch Racing and by race seven Steve was showing hidden skills to be leading the fleet in that particular heat… unfortunately erratic changeableness winds and pursing fleet speeds over took Steve’s lead, nevertheless he was not relegated to last place in that heat, with a respectable sixth placing finish and it is good to see a new member challenging the core of the club with confidence.

We were also privileged to have a prospective new member in attendance for the entire days racing, John and Tony eagerly allowed this gentleman the opportunity of trialing their boats and we hope to have yet another new member in our ranks very soon.

As always our sincerest thanks go to John for his commitment to the club and for scoring, the site was quickly cleared with everyone chipping in and ribbons were presents, congratulations to overall winners on the day, Peter KAMPE, Tony GREY, Mike FREEBAIRN and Scott WARTON.


Overall Winter Scratch Points Trophies will be awarded to the winners at the Club Champs in NovemberBM



WMRMYC Inc Winter Handicap Series RD 5, Manly - 15th September 2013

WMRMYC Inc Winter Scratch Series RD 5 , Carbrook - 1st Sept 2013

RACE REPORT – Day One of Spring 2013 was absolutely magnificent and as it always is in Queensland!

Five skippers made it to Carbrook on this Father’s Day Sunday, which could have been the reason for the smaller than usual turnout,

which was a pity as a picnic lunch for ‘dad’ at sailing could have been made part of ‘his’ special day?  Nevertheless, the five skippers made the most of the opportunity and it must be stated that sailing conditions today were some of the most favourable encountered at the Carbrook site for some time.

With the smaller fleet size, sailing progresses at a rapid pace with heats following each other in rapid succession, the speed of which was greatly assisted by a hearty morning breeze.  Scott WARTON, Andrew MILNE and John McLACHLAN remained in close haul throughout the day with little by way of points separating them, in fact Andrew was in the lead by one (1) point at the morning break score assessment.  Whilst I noted Allan BRYANT and Andrea PANNELL were less inclined to get the optimal performance out of their boats today, with the leeward buoy rounding trapping them in lulls and fouling situations.

Nevertheless, Andrea and Allan did have their moments and kept the leaders in check with second and third heat placing respectively.  Unfortunately Andrew lost his one (1) point lead in the final four races after lunch which relegated him to overall second place.  After lunch, Scott dominated the field with three from four heat wins, the now lighter winds being of little consequence to his “Arrival”.  But if nothing else, it was still a great opportunity to be outdoors to be enjoying the first day of a New Season and it is a great time of the year, before the summer heat and storms soon arrive. 

All-in-all a very pleasant days sailing, a couple of thumps-‘n’-bumps inevitably occurred, mostly at the first windward mark rounding where distance, sight and judgment are at their extreme for all skippers.

As always, we are extremely grateful to John for tabulating the points and everyone chipped in with securing the venue, the rescue dinghy was not launched.  With five boats on the water, no skippers acted as the Race Officer, rather the first skipper over the finish line was charged with finishing the fleet – however, the Mangrove Jack seen leaping above the surface did not place today! BM. 

WMRMYC Inc Winter Handicap Series RD 4, Manly - 18th August 2013

RACE REPORT : Thirteen skippers arrived at the marina to take part in Round 4 of the Winter Handicap Series and what a magnificent day it was to be outside for all creatures great and small – even the birds!  The tide was on its way out and there was a good wind for the start of racing, with both the course and handicap times set the fleet got going, early leaders were Tony BENNETT, Mike FREEBAIRN and David MOORE.  Bradley GINNIVAN joined the racing in heat four to bring the skipper numbers up to fourteen and then retired for the last two heats.  One multiple contact happened on the water but the fracas was quickly resolved, sailing was very well maintained with no matters going to protest with only minor infringements impacting the fleet and usually at congested buoy rounding.  Commodore John McLACHLAN did at one point bring his boat ashore with the rescue dinghy after a contact caused a sheeting foul, but the boat was immediately re-launched.  Both Peter KAMPE and Eddie COWELL missed important finishes to penalize themselves in individual heats by sailing extended courses and missed the finish line at the designated time.

Overall leader of the day was Mike with consistent sailing, but not to lessen Mike’s victory, the day was owned by our resourceful member Jack FORD with three impressive heat wins when sailing continued after the break.  This was a particularly good effort especially as the wind was becoming more elusive as the day progressed – in fact both wind and time became such a problem that the final race of the day was not sailed.

With such a nice day, the spectator numbers were also large with so many people visiting the markets or just simply enjoying the outdoors and some of the fish-‘n’-chips being had by picnickers looked very enticing!

As always, our sincerest thanks are extended to John for tabulating the day’s results, Dennis PATTERSON for assisting throughout the day and for taking additional photos (thank you again Dennis as these photos are extremely important) and to the members that tidy the venue.  Sorry if I have missed any other important details of the day. BM



WMRMYC Inc Winter Scratch Series RD 4 , Carbrook - 8th August 2013

RACE REPORT – 5th August, 2013.

We were greeted this morning with clear skies and light SW-W winds.  Most boats were on the water early getting a bit of practice in.  Glen and Garry from Moreton Club joined us for the days racing.  Glen managed 4th and Garry 8th.  The first eight skippers on the race board all had a turn at O.O.D. for a race.  Light and shifty winds made sure the wins were spread around and five  skippers had wins.  Matt, Garry and Andrew had one each,  Scott three and myself four.  John Holland had radio troubles which did not help his result.  Allan scored a couple of seconds and Andrea a third.

Racing in these light conditions was never easy and always challenging.  The wind constantly changed both in direction and velocity, or lack of it.  Skippers had to be ready to take advantage of any subtle change in the wind.  Good acceleration helps and by Bantock Fraktal certainly helped me in that regard.

All in all it was a most pleasant day and sailed in a very friendly manner.


Photos coming.

WMRMYC Inc Winter Handicap Series RD 3, Manly - 21st July 2013

WMRMYC Inc Winter Scratch Series RD 3 , Carbrook - 7th July 2013

Clive Brooks Scratch and Handicap trophy - 30th June 2013

RACE REPORT:  The Clive Brooks Scratch and Handicap trophy events were held at the Manly Marina on Sunday 30thJune 2013. 

I arrived mid morning with the medallions and the handicap fleet was obviously already on the water, although Peter KAMPE had his boat onshore at this time with transmitter issues.  As to be expected this time of the year, the day was a typical wet and cold winter’s day with most skippers in their winter jackets and rain gear.  Although the rain wasn’t too heavy and the breeze was reliable enough to keep the fleet moving, starts were slow but running back up through the start line to the port buoy  were brisk at times, although the tide was on its way out and Allan BRYANT struck mud a couple of times as did John once.  Bradley GINNIVAN and Grant HUDSON joined the handicap racing mid series to contest the scratch racing. With encouraging handicaps, David MOORE and Bernie GOOGAN lead throughout most of the heats observed, especially heading into the port mark, but once around this marker, wind and therefore tactics needed to change which allowed the ensuing fleet to close in on the leaders and by the up-wind rounding, the fleet sometimes became bunched and contact were called.  Dennis PATTERSON maintained a well run event and also ensured the handicap times were adjusted accordingly, Dennis and his PRO skills are well respected amongst our members and everything ran smoothly and peacefully.  

I did not stay for the scratch racing.

Congratulations to the overall winners and sincerest thanks to Dennis as PRO and as always, John for completing the scores.



WMRMYC Inc Winter Handicap Series RD 2, Manly - 16th June 2013

WMRMYC Inc Winter Scratch Series RD2 , Carbrook - 2nd June 2013

A beautiful winters day greeted the 13 skippers for round two of the Winter Scratch Series at Carbrook.

It was nice to have three guests sailing with us from the Morten Yacht Squadron as they wanted to get some practice in for the upcoming Queensland Titles.

A nice light breeze from the NW came in just in time for the start of race one and stayed with us for the remainder of the day.

Race One Scott Warton got off to a flying start and kept his big lead for the entire race winning the first race of the day, he went on to win another in race five. Peter Kampe turned the heat up winning the next two races, he would go on to win a further two before the end of the day to comfortably secure first place. Tony Grey had good boat speed all day but was unlucky at times with a few entanglements in good positions. Glen Fitzgerald always seemed to be in and around the leaders and in the last race of the day he had his much deserved win. Andrew was consistent throughout the day and finished a creditable 5th. John McLachlan was another that always seemed around the leading pack and was unlucky not to win a race or two.

Allan Bryant and I had a close race in race four, he led the whole race until I was lucky enough to pass him on the final downwind leg, a boat length in it. sorry Allan ;)

Apologies to those names I have missed, hard to focus on everyone whilst sailing.

In all it was great day to be sailing with good company and a steady breeze.

Eddie Cowell

WMRMYC Inc Winter Handicap Series RD1, Manly - 19th May 2013

RACE REPORT: Today, Sunday 19thMay 2013 was the Club’s Annual General Meeting which was held on the Manly foreshore prior to the commencement of sailing. 

 The meeting was reasonably attended by members but as with all associations, it would be good to see more faces at such important events!  Nevertheless, our quorum was attained and the formalities proceeded smoothly with the highlight of the AGM being the annual presentation of the Commodores Cup and the Summer Points Series Trophies which are also presented at this time.  Congratulations to John McLACHLAN for winning the Commodores Cup for a second time, with Andrew MILNE & Allan BRYANT second and third respectively.  Overall 2012-2013 Summer points series winners are Scratch; Tony GREY, Bradley GINNIVAN and John McLACHLAN . Handicap; John McLACHLAN, Andrew MILNE and Bernie CORNISH - Congratulations and well done to all participants.

Sailing commenced with eleven skippers present, unfortunately Bernie COOGAN was an early departure from the event.  Tony GREY also withdrew from the first heat of the day with rudder programming issues, meanwhile early leaders were John HOLLAND, Al HARRISON and Andrew.  After consulting the manual, Tony was now ready for the second race... unfortunately John McLACHLAN and Andrea PENNELL tangled in this race with John’s sails suffering significant damage whereby John resorted to his smaller B rig and continued sailing for the day. Andrea, obviously concerned by the turn of events was reassured by John and she too also resumed sailing.  Again Andrew and John HOLLAND finished well in this race and Bradley surfaced as a viable contender. However by the sixth heat Brad and Al had to leave racing due to work commitments, Tony with a borrowed rudder from Brad was also sidelined at this time, but Tony graciously stayed to officiate for the remaining four heats.

With the tide ebbing an eventual wind shadow was being cast over the sea wall and the resulting dead zone had some skippers rapidly lose pace, but John McLACHLAN made good use of these situations and sailing in his smaller rig was able to breach the dead zone further out on the course and come home mid-fleet.

It was certainly a beautiful day, as always the breeze had its good and bad moments andthere's more of a nip in the air as winter approaches.  Congratulations to David MOORE for winning the day, Andrew and John HOLLAND placed equal second and Andrea took home third place.  I must also applaud John McLACHLAN for persevering in B rig after the earlier mishap as this was a valiant attempt with an additional handicap as a result of just one-of-those-things that can happen to any one of us on the water.  BM

WMRMYC Inc Winter Scratch Series RD1, Carbrook - 5th May 2013

Nine skippers arrived to race in plenty of fickle Carbrook breeze. A SE windward and return course was set of which two and a half laps were sailed for each race. It was decided that we did not need a PRO so the race winner noted the scores down as the second place getter called out the numbers crossing the line.

Peter Kampe did most of the writing! Ian Ashe sailed particularly well, last time he sailed here he had to pull out with boat problems. There were plenty of boat problems again. Both 06 and 30 had loss of signal and their boats sailed to the west bank. No. 90 was using a receiver borrowed from Bradley Ginnivan. No. 63 and 75 both had signal/ rudder/ winch problems causing them to miss races.

Thanks to the skippers who helped pack the gear away.

Tranquil Waters Retirement Village Handicap Regatta - 28th April 2013

Eleven skippers arrived to compete on a beautiful sunny day on a rising tide but with little wind and some loose seagrass. Racing commenced on time at 10-30am at the Victoroa Point beach next to the Retirement Village.
The course set was a triangle and a sausage. In the first race two boats 89, Dave Moore and 06, John Holland lost frequency control at the windward mark and commenced sailing to Stradbroke Island by themselves. Dave quickly set out to rescue them successfully. The breeze was reducing to 2-4 knots South East and created quite a sailing challenge with the six inch waves. Only six races were completed. John Holland and Dave Moore were PRO’s for the remaining races, thankyou guys.

At race 5, the second last race, the scores were Bradley Ginnivan on 12, John McLachlan on 13.3 and four skippers tied for third on 14, Jack Ford, Andrew Milne, Bernie Cornish and Scott Warton. In the last race John was coming second but fouled and stayed on the wing mark for that race.
A lovely barbecue lunch was again provided by Tranquil Waters Retirement Village which was enjoyed by all.

Congratulations to winner Bradley Ginnivan, second Andrew Milne (last years winner) and third Bernie Cornish.  

WMRMYC Inc Summer Handicap Series RD6, Manly - 21st April 2013

RACE REPORT – Handicap racing at the Manly Marina on Sunday 21st April 2013 was held on one of those beautiful Queensland Autumn days,

as the band was playing just up the esplanade at the markets and with groups of spectators stopping throughout racing as people strolled past under clear blue skies with a pleasant temperature of 25˚.

However, things were not as serene on the water as unfortunately the picturesque day brought everything but the wind with it! The start of sailing was delayed for a short time as the course was set and skippers waited to see what the breeze may do – okay, I also held things up at the start too, sorry about that guys and thanks for waiting!

A respectable fleet of sixteen boats finally took to the retreating water with handicap times set for the start of racing, but despite the sporting match of handicapping, the fleet basically got underway together, such was the shortage of breeze in the first heat. With no outer mark laid, the fleet sailed a sausage-shaped course with a windward leg followed by a downwind leg for three laps, but with little to no wind at times, this was proving difficult and time consuming to complete. Several variations of this sausage configuration were subsequently tried before lunch was called.

Racing resumed with the outer distance mark now in place which allowed for a change in tactics for the skippers, but good tactics and new course directions still cannot guarantee the cooperation of fair winds and eventually all skippers at some time found themselves casualties on the water of the patchy draught and racing was concluded at the completion of the eighth heat.

Nevertheless and despite the inaction of any reliable wind, all skippers were enjoying the day and several skippers sailed extremely well with almost half the fleet sailing on handicaps ranging from plus 60 to plus 90 seconds which are challenging fleet positions to recover from. Sincerest congratulations are extended to final podium placegetters Tony GREY, Graeme MACKAY and Scott WARTON as all three skippers showed their deserving skills today.

This now completes the 2012-2013 Summer Handicap Points Series. As always, we are extremely grateful to our regular members whom make these sailing days possible. Our next sail day is on Sunday 28th April for the Tranquil Waters Retirement Village Annual Regatta – see the last issue of Telltales for more details. BM 

WMRMYC Inc Summer Scratch Series RD6, Carbrook - 7th April 2013

RACE REPORT – Thirteen skippers attended the scratch sailing at Carbrook on Sunday 7thApril 2013 for the sixth and final round of the Summer Scratch Points Series.

The weather forecast was for a few showers and 25˚, but it didn’t rain and it certainly felt a lot hotter than the prediction out in the sun, and the start of sailing was also delayed by about 30 minutes as there was no wind! Eventually with signs of some wind activity over the water and flagpole, the fleet was called to commence sailing in the first heat of the day, unfortunately early casualties were Ian ASHE, John HOLLAND, Tom PURSIHEIMO and Eddie COWELL, I can report Eddie had sheeting problems when the winch unspooled (sincerest thanks to Brad and Tony for helping to get the boat back on the water for the second race) – but sorry, I can’t report the issues the other skippers encountered in this first race which had them also achieve maximum points, although whatever the cause, Ian was out of sailing for the rest of the day at this point.

Wind conditions hardly improved throughout the morning and on occasion the sailing was painful to watch as frequent shifts, lulls and shadows over the water left most of the skippers in a quandary as to what tackand bottom gate bouy to take next... in fact the split-tack on the starboard side of the course literally meant skippers made either a winning or losing choice on the run home for the finish line as that was how narrow and hard some of the wind aspect were to catch.

Bradley GINNIVAN certainly made some impressive starts, as did John McLACHLAN and Eddie as each skipper achieved some commanding leads over the rest of the fleet at times, but again John and Eddie especially fell victims to the crazy wind patterns to lose pace and fall back into the fleet. Nevertheless, Scott especially sailed with great skill today as he was sleek, silent and deadly on the water as he gained seven from eight podium placings as his sailing went practically unnoticed (Scott is a quiet man and even more so in his victories). Brad also achieved the same seven from eight podium placings and the feel amongst the skippers was that Brad would win the day, but Scott was the overall winner with a-point-and-a-bit making the difference.

With time, wind, heat and midges all causing problems, sailing was concluded at the end of the eighth race. Congratulations to Scott WARTON, Bradley GINNIVAN and Tony GREY for winning the day and we also thank John for his dedication to tabulating the points for ribbon presentations.



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