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QLD Events

C/QLD IOM Championships - 8/9th July

S/QLD A Class Championships - 7th July

S/QLD RM Championship - 6th May 2017

Pine Rivers Radio Yacht Club

11 boats were registered for the event with 9 boats making it onto the water. All skippers stayed with their A rigs for the full day as the winds were fairly steady, blowing S/SW in the morning turning to S/SE in the afternoon. This necessitated only one course change.

Greg Torpy won the day on 14 points clear ahead of Jason Nasmith on 39 points followed by Ray Nasmith on 43 points.

It was a most enjoyable day for competitors and organisers with little or no disputes and any issues sorted out on the water, a definite tribute to all skippers in the event.

The PRO for the day was Bruce Frazer, Bruce and his helpers did an excellent job. David Black again offered his assistance with the scoring which was readily accepted.

Bob Worton


Pine Rivers Radio Yacht Club

South Queensland IOM Championship - 29/30th April

Updated: Paradise Radio Yacht Club successfully hosted the event at Emerald Lakes, Gold Coast.

The weather was perfect, with partly cloudy ,25 degree temperatures. The wind was from south west to south east, A rig, 5 to 12 knots, on both days. The water was clean and generally smooth.

Skippers from two NSW and seven Queensland clubs travelled to Emerald Lakes from as far afield as Gladstone in the north and Lake Macquarie in NSW.

28 competitors, were divided into two fleets and a total of 16 races were completed over the 2 days, allowing 3 drops.

Lindsay and Anne Walker, capably carried out the PRO and heat management/scoring roles.David Black volunteered his fine skills to compile the results

tn P1020865 2000x1414a4 patThe courses, were windward and returns, two and a half times, taking about 12 minutes to complete.

Paul Jones, from Lake Macquarie won by a comfortable margin, from Allan Walker, then Greg Torpy.

16 different brands of IOM yachts competed. The skill and experience, and some good luck, proving to be the most important factor in winning results.

All penalties were completed, on the water, and the mood of the skippers was sportsman like.

The PRYC team of volunteers worked hard, to conduct a well-run championship.

Greg Torpy from 360 Degree Sails, provided an additional prize voucher, for the skipper who was placed mid fleet overall (Allan Bryant).

Laurie Hinchcliff. (PRYC)

Videos recorded by Ian Lobley from Springfield Lakes Maritime Modellers

QLD RM Championship - 22/23rd Apr

QLD 10R Championship - 12th March

S/QLD Laser Championships - 19th November

QLD 10R Championship - 26th November

Paradise Radio Yacht Club hosted the event  at Emerald Lakes, Gold Coast Queensland.
10 competitors entered, 8 were from PRYC.

A perfect day for sailing unfolded and racing got underway at 10am. Saturday.
Ian Ashe was the PRO, and he capably controlled racing throughout the 24 races.
Rex Scott adjusted the buoys, as the wind moved, resulting in well set windward/return courses.
The wind was from the east initially, and gradually turned to the north east in the afternoon.
Wind strength varied from 6 to 12 knots, and was moving around from left to right all day.The water was clean and relatively smoothe .

Tim Brown did well to complete a winch change just in time for race start time on his new Diamond.
Tim went on to win the championship ,in his new boat, proving his broad experience.

David Turton, from  Kawana, won heat 1, but unfortunately lost his keel in heat 2. He substituted his keel , continued for 4 heats , then was forced to retire.
Greg Torpy from Lake Macquarie, finished in second place .He sailed very well and had a close tussle with Tim Brown all day.
John Musgrave lead the local PRYC skippers home, with a credible 3rd place overall.

5 different skippers shared the heat wins and the locals from PRYC, were up near the front during most races.
David Black and Charmaine White worked hard all day , by collecting the finishing places and working out  the results.
Volunteers from all  fleets of  the PRYC, made a big contribution to the successful  running of the 10R championship. Thank you.

Laurie Hinchcliff
Sailing Secretary PRYC.


S/QLD IOM Championship - 5/6th November

N/QLD IOM Championship - 22/23rd October

QLD A Class Championship - 10th September

Six A Class yachts lined up for the first race, the winds were blowing steady from the North West for most of the day.

Peter Morris again set the pace from the beginning a d it was up to the remainder of the fleet to sort out the minor places.

Peter Morris won the trophy on 14 points while John Heard came in second on 29 points and Jason Nasmith came in third on 37 points.

The course was set as a traditional triangle with a windward return.

There were seventeen races conducted during the day with 3 drops allowed.

It was great to see such great comradery between competitors.

Bob Worton

PRRYC (Inc.)

S/QLD 10R Championships - 13th August

A good fleet of ten boats arrived at Emerald Lakes on Saturday the 13th. PRO Ian Ashe decided based on the wind prediction to race off the corner which was great decision as we had an area large enough for a full triangle where the 10r’s could really unwind.

QLD RM Championship - 30th Apr/1st May

2016 QLD RM TITLES – HERVEY BAY QLD 30th April / 1st May

Saturday 30th April started with a couple of light showers but soon cleared and after the registration and setting up was complete, 11 starters were ready to do battle at the Uni Lake located in Hervey Bay City. The lake had recently been cleaned by the local council after years of lobbying from the Fraser Coast Club, and they were pleased with the result. We had 11 skippers register with a number of them travelling some extra-long distances to be at the event.

The wind was SSE swinging to the SE and did not get above 7 knots, so it was out with the A Rigs, and PRO Ian Ashe soon had everybody setup in a single fleet and racing commenced at 12:15 pm. It soon became apparent that the top 2 , Dave Turton  and Greg Torpy had not lost some of the speed they had at the nationals and were in a continual battle, however at times they were made to work with Col Cameron, Mark Beneke mixing it up with them and each other as they vied for third place. The other skippers all tried hard and it was worth noting that some of the boats were over 20 years old and with new sails were just as competitive as the latest skinny boats. By the end of Saturday racing, we had completed 13 races , Greg had a small lead from David, while Col & Mark were virtually tied in 3rd place.

Sunday started with FOG, not a good sign and it took to after lunch before the wind settled to a very light NE to SE depending on how the PRO set the course, with the extra light conditions, the RM’s sailing with their A Swing rigs, started to place pressure on the field, and it was pleasing to see John McIntosh and Dennis Crawley have some superb speed at times, but the top two, Thorpy & Turton, still were able to maintain their dominance of the fleet.  Jason Nasmith felt it was a good time to practice his Port tack starts and after letting him get away with 2, the fleet caught up to his tricks and promptly held him out, but hey he enjoyed it when it worked. His Dad, Ray battled through the weekend recovering from a recent sickness, and in one race his head cleared and the boat took off and he led all the way, only to be passed in the final leg, he was so chuffed, and great to catch up with him.

By the end of racing, somehow we had completed 30 races, and could not get the extra 2 in to get the next drop, but everyone had thoroughly enjoyed themselves with some excellent sailing and sportsmanship and camaraderie going on between everyone. Congratulations to Greg Torpy as the 2016 QLD RM Champion, with David Turton finishing 2nd, Mark Beneke securing 3rd place in the last race from Col Cameron 4th, and John McIntosh 5th.

A big thank you to the members of the Fraser Coast Club, you did a stunning job, especially as there had been a bit of stuffing around prior to the event, thank you to Ian Ashe as the PRO, and to David Black for the scoring. We all had a great competition and look forward to the next QLD RM Titles next year.

Col Cameron

BRYC Brisbane IOM Challenge - 23/24th January

As always, the BRYC thanks Riversands for our venue, the BRYC club members who assisted in site preparation and the running the event, Ian Ashe for performing the PRO duties, and the skippers for their patronage.

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