Sunday, June 24, 2018
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PRYC TOP's - 30th January

PRYC TOP's - 27th November

PRYC TOP's - 20th November

PRYC TOP's - 13th November

A very light and variable E/SE/E breeze created many challenges for all and we sailed half the day unable to see the start line, but virtually everyone enjoyed a win at some stage in the day.

PRYC TOPs - 6th November

TOPs sailing results for today - a small but select field so we sailed scratch format all day in B conditions, very shifty and variable, creating some good options on the water for those in catch up mode. Congratulations to Frank Arrowsmith, looking good with the trusty Pikanto back on the water.

PRYC TOP's - 30th October

A very pleasant day marred somewhat by Easterlies; again it would have been better had we sailed "round the corner" rather than "off the 10R point", but we did get half way there, so.....
 A nice happy fleet of 10 intrepids enjoyed a good day. There was prolific boat lending due to the fact that Paul Harradine's 48 collapsed (RH lent him 84) and Tony Fanin's 3 was clearly in experimental stage electronically (both RT 85 and BL 74 being sailed instead). Having applied PRYC SSI for these "swaps", I have also annexed below in the table the results as they would have been had the stand-in skipper been awarded actual place from the borrowed boat rather than maximum points - for info only!
I felt as did several others that Chris's Kantoon(?) was sailing well - and showing plenty of upside potential. Well done Chris for thinking outside the pond.
Thanks to the many and varied PRO's on the day - Frank, Tony, Richard, Brian, and of course the evergreen volunteer, RT.


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