Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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PRYC 10R Results

PRYC 10R - 18th October

A challenging day with the breeze puffing up to “C” rig conditions from the SE after lunch allowing only 12 races to be completed before stopping due to deteriorating conditions. Most of us had “B”’s on before lunch except for one of our more illustrious  sailors who had a serious seniors moment mistakenly putting on a “C” rig and wondered why he was being eaten up down wind all morning! The afternoon saw gear failures on all boats at some stage with my new boat dropping its rig twice due to the backstays being too light. Back to the drawing board. Peter sailed well for second with Roger just edging out Mark for third on a countback. Ross had a day to forget but improves his handicap for next month. A good days sailing with relatively few bingles which was good to see.

PRYC 10R - 11th October

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