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PRYC 10R Results

PRYC 10R - 18th Jul 2015

PRYC 10R - 11th Jul 2015

PRYC 10R - 27th Jun 2015

Sailed in an 8 to 12 knot southerly on A rigs for most of the day. A brief change to B during a squally patch. A number of sailors away but due back soon.

PRYC 10R - 20th June 2015

PRYC 10R - 13th June 2015

Sailed in shifty southerly 5 to 10 knot winds. Showers kept the ancient mariners (read old farts) on their toes for most of the day. All 16 races were sailed over a course shortened due to the adverse wind direction for our point. Ross sailed consistently well to head off Frank who once got a sniff of the lead was hard to catch. Tricky conditions made for many changed of placings throughout the day.

PRYC 10R - 30th May 2015

PRYC 10R - 9th May 2015

PRYC 10R - 18th April 2015

PRYC 10R - 11th April 2015

PRYC 10R - 21st March 2015

A day affected by rain. Only 13 races completed. A number 78 was entered for the first two races with no name so results for this have been excluded. Please make sure result forms are filled out fully, correctly and succinctly as it makes working out results even more tedious than it is if they’re a mess!!.

All boats must be measured and conform to the 10 rater class rules in order to gain points. We have a 2 week relaxation of this to give people time to finalise the configuration of their boat. This will be enforced as from this week end to keep the class from becoming a bunch of rag tags. Adrian is the measurer so please contact him to get your boat measured and signed off.

PRYC 10R - 28th Mar 2015

PRYC 10R - 7th March 2015

PRYC 10R - 14th February

Another good fleet of 8 “genuine” 10 raters had a good day on B rigs in 8 to 12 knots of breeze, staying reasonably steady from the SE. It was good to see Watto back again though he did manage to drop the “happiness rating” for the day down from 9.4 to 7.8 - his Wandoo showing its age with gear breakages.

A PRO was appointed in the afternoon after some rules revision at lunchtime in an attempt to keep “skirmishes” to a lower level. Hence the unusual numbers in the results due to average points being given for those on duty.

PRYC 10R - 7th February

A good fleet of 8 started the day with a few having to leave early or pulling out with gear problems in the blustery conditions. The 5 to 12 knot SEer saw most of us on A rigs in the morning and for those more motivated changed to B rigs in the afternoon which payed dividends. We were even joined by a couple of illustrious IOM sailors,  one, who shall remain nameless, found to his detriment that launching a 10 rater in under 700mm of water does not work!!!!  The “happiness rating” for the day was 8.6 but in light of the IOM participation was a good result.

Peter Cox is showing improvement and is keeping the front runners honest as long as he keeps out of trouble with those pesky jumping bouys. Ross had to go early allowing Warren to get his newly revamped Robinson up into 4th place.

PRYC 10R - 17th January

A good turnout for the 1st 10 rater race day for 1015 considering the extremely hot and humid conditions. Sailed in a nice 5 to 10 kt NE breeze with most using A rigs and a couple changing to B’s after lunch as the wind freshened during lunch then moderated.  Good to see Jeff back again to dust the cobwebs off his boat and Roger showing good speed to come in second.

PRYC 10R - 29th November

A blustery day with 5 to 15 kt  winds from the E to SE.  Sailed on “B” rigs all day although conditions varied within races from A to C rig conditions with plenty of shifts to keep us on our toes. A cooler sunny day was a welcome relief from the heat of the past few weeks.

PRYC 10R - 1st November

A very variable day with the wind moving back and forth from the NW to NE and gusting from 5 to 20 knots. All finally ended up on “C” rigs after swapping around a bit in the morning. A very warm day with the wind offshore giving variable results and the chance to make big gains and losses.

Mark is to launch his new boat this week so the champagne is eagerly awaited – as are the results!!!! Betting will be more intense than the big race on Tuesday.

PRYC 10R - 25th October

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