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PRYC 10R Results

PRYC 10R - 9th Apr 2016

A tricky day with the wind varying in strength and direction, predominantly from the ENE. Close racing throughout the day with Hans from the Margot Racing Stable getting a creditable second, sailing well now he’s removed his mark attracting device.  Mark followed close behind for third.  Mike Austin tried his luck amongst the 10 Raters and will need his mark attracting device removed if he’s to be competitive. Lead changes were frequent in the shifty conditions with little pattern to the shifts. The day was sailed on A rigs and got to the top of the range at times. PRO’s were in force throughout with good fleet numbers today.

PRYC 10R - 5th Mar 2016

PRYC 10R - 20th Feb 2016


Sailed all day on A rigs in a beautiful top of A breeze from the ENE which settled into the SE in the afternoon. A competitive day with some close racing and results.

Jeff had his boat going well today but Ross had jib problems which plagued him all day. Roger went well and will do better when he figures which side of the bouys to sail. Hans continues to improve and will score better when he realises that coming in to the top mark on port is not a flash idea. Warren struggled on his B rig which was underpowered in the light stuff.

A great days sailing in fine conditions with no weed at all today.

PRYC 10R - 13th Feb 2016


A blustery SSE breeze fluctuating from 5 to 15 knots with intermittent showers made for a testing day. Lots of wind shifts kept us all on our toes. Jeff suffered from gear problems and Mark (let’s use that patch just one more time) almost sank making it an eventful day. Sailed mostly on B rigs which were underpowered un the lulls but a handful in the pesky squalls. A good day was had by all with a newcomer

Wayne trying out one of Ross’s boats. Hopefully he’ll be a regular starter.

PRYC 10R - 6th Feb 2016

Only four intrepid sailors fronted up in marginal conditions ranging from A through to C rigs. The day was sailed on B rigs between the constant rain squalls. Jeff started out on C rig but proved to be underpowered in the light patches. All 16 races were completed with results being affected by a bit of weed in the lake and a tendency to miss the top mark!

PRYC 10R - 30th Jan 2016

10 Rater Handicap Results 30th January 2016

A light day with the wind shifting around a bit, predominantly from the NNW to N. Very light on numbers meant we cancelled the long races and reverted to handicap for the day. We may try for a long race format next Saturday, weather and numbers permitting.

Steve was hard to make up time on with his new Marblehead. Good luck at the Nationals Steve.

We look forward to having all on deck next week.

PRYC 10R - 23rd Jan 2016

A light day sailed on A rigs. The 0 to 6 knot breeze from the NNW to NNE gave an enjoyable day with some close racing. The two marbleheads suffered in the light conditions.

A reminder to those whose boats do not hold current rating certificates that they will not receive competition points from next race day. The two week grace period is over. Please contact Adrian Banwell to have your boat measured.

PRYC 10R - 16th Jan 2016

10 Rater Scratch results 16th January 2016.
A very difficult sailing day with the wind fluctuating in both strength and direction throughout the day. Predominantly from the SSE and ranging from A to C rig in strength. Most boats sailed with B or C rigs. Those on smaller C rigs suffering in the light patches and when the breeze swung South where the houses on the opposite bank caused much turbulence.
Mark has his boat performing better since he added lead to the keel – just needs a remeasure now Mark! Adrian suffered from his C rig being underpowered in the light and from lack of practice with the “Big boats”!!   
The rain held off to give a reasonably pleasant day. Numbers were down perhaps because of the poor outlook.


PRYC 10R - 21st Nov 2015

PRYC 10R - 5th Nov 2015

5 November - a warm humid day combined with frustrations and mechanical failures saw 4 skippers eventually withdraw, so racing ceased after race 8. Many thanks to Roger and Tony for course setting in difficult conditions; although a fairly steady breeze at upto about 5 kt it tended to fluctuate E/SE/E regularly throughout the day making course setting difficult. Many thanks also to Frank who PRO'd after an op on the eye - didnt seem to detract from calls and race management though, so thank you.

PRYC 10R - 31st Oct 2015

PRYC 10R - 24th Oct 2015

10 Rater Results 24th October 2015

A reduced fleet due to other events coinciding with sailing this weekend. Those who did not come missed a great days sailing on B rigs in a beautiful SE breeze which gave us great windward works and longer than usual downwinds. Jeff showed good boat speed and sailed consistently to get a solid second. 16 races plus 4 for the road gave a great days sailing with the rescue boat remaining tethered all day due to no breakdowns and few bingles. A first for us.

PRYC 10R - 17th Oct 2015

PRYC 10R - 10th Oct 2015

Sailed on A rigs all day in a SE to Easterly breeze that shifted both in strength and direction for most of the day keeping us all on our toes. Roger ended up in second place on count back from Ross.

Tony Shearman is to join the club and sail with us on a regular basis giving us up to 12 boats which is encouraging for the class. There are a couple of good boats for sale so if anyone would like to try sailing a 10 rater just come on down to the lake on Wednesday or Saturday.

PRYC 10R - 3rd Oct 2015

Sailed on a glorious SE breeze  in top of  A Rig conditions in the morning and B rig in the afternoon.

Jeff sailed consistently to nudge Peter out of second. Peter sailed on C rig all day and went well to secure 3rd place. 11 boats started the day with a guest whose boat failed early on and was not scored. The fleet is slowly building and skills gradually improving with few “OOPS” considering the larger than usual fleet size.

Meeting at Back Page after sailing next week. 4.30pm. 4 x 10 raters attending.

PRYC 10R - 22nd August

PRYC 10R - 15th August

PRYC 10R - 1st Aug 2015

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