Tuesday, July 17, 2018
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BRYC 2017 Dragon Force Series Rd. 4 - 16th July 2017

Well woe is me, that’s about all I can say about the BRYC Open Series Round 4 held on Sunday. Nobody bothered to pray to the wind Gods for some wind and the result was some very “painful” sailing indeed.

The day kicked off with an excellent turnout of 10 skippers turning up to have an enjoyable day of sailing, but after 2 races taking about an hour to complete our hopes of the wind picking up were looking pretty much dashed. To the visitors that made an effort to travel to our event we thank you and to all others that made the effort.

What time wasn’t spent sailing was used for some catch up talk and some light banter so really in conditions like these no day is really lost as our comradery is well and truly enjoyed and some technical innovations are shared amongst our guests. As for the day I’ll let the reflections in the glass smooth water do the talking.

Congratulations to the winners and many thanks to all of those that setup the day and worked behind the scenes which helped the day go off without a hitch.

Till next time everyone stay above the water.

Paul Newman

BRYC Dragon Force Series RD3 - 18th June 2017

Yesterday saw BRYC at Carbrook host the Club Initiated Round 3 of DF65 Open Series.

WOW! we had an excellent turn out with a total of 14 skippers hitting the water and in the group we had a visitor turn up as well, thank you Ray Wilson your welcome any time you like.

We also had one of the skippers wives turn up as well and this kept our warped understanding of the English language in check, in other words, very little swearing. The weather was fantastic producing a beautiful mild day with heaps of sunshine, a few clouds to keep it cool and most importantly the wind was pretty spectacular for most of the day and it made for some great racing indeed.

Every competitor behaved with very good sportsmanship, penalties were done without any quibble and as a result the day went very smoothly and without a hitch. On a personal note from myself I must say thanks to everyone because I had a very clear view of the course all day, but it didn’t help my sailing as you can see from the score sheets. Beware though experience and a few underground plans for coaching me and tuning the boat are underway. Next time, folks, next time.

A big thank you to everyone that made the effort to be there, we at BRYC are very thankful to you all, especially the guys from PRYC, 7 in total. To all of the bodies that manned the day behind the scenes with their help manning the rescue boat, the buoy watchers, Richard, the PRO and David for being the scorer. To all the others, I hope you know who you are, particularly who helped those that weren’t so mobile anymore by launching their boats for them.

That’s all from me thanks and we look forward to another excellent turnout on Round 4, the date will be announced shortly.
To everyone, stay ABOVE the water!
Regards Paul. 

BRYC Dragon Force 65 Day - 13th May 2017

It was pleasing to see 20 boats on the water for this event. Also great to see lots of new skippers competing, surely a positive response will hopefully help to gain ARYA recognition of this fun class boat.

The breeze was not all that kind but still gave some challenges.

Two fleets made lots of chances for all to have wins  and losses , the scores were close as the sheet will show.

It was extremely obvious that Mike J was a clear leader, he sure makes it look so easy. All races were run with no protests and penalties executed readily. We must thank the Springfield club for Trevor as PRO a fantastic job and not to forget Patrick observing . Also not forgetting our other buoy watchers  our scorers  and photographers, all  helping to make a fun day. Congrats to MIKE, IAN, GRANT taking the trophies which were gladly made an donated by  Ray Aisbett, thanks Ray.

Looking forward to the next event .

Clive Ball


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